Monday, 9 January 2017

Download Game Android Faily Rider Apk

Download Game Android Faily Rider Apk
 Download Game Android Faily Rider Apk. This unique game developed by Spunge Games Pty Ltd. In this game you will be equipped with motorcycles to cross the barren area. There are many obstacles that you face here, such as cactus, large stones and others. It's similar Traffic Rider but Failty Rider apk more towards the offroad. The size of the light and of course the game is also fun.

- Walk down the slopes as far as you can to avoid the obstacles along the way
- AVOID cactus, rocks, creek, traffic, and rail
- DESTROY obstacles with your shield or weapon
- COLLECT points as you go along
- Unlock the vehicle and unique costumes
- RECORD game and share to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram
- NO END Games
- Collision NO END
- Pleasure NO END!

Game Information:

Download Game Android Faily Rider

How to Install:
  1. Download game apk
  2. Install apk
  3. Play


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