Sunday, 2 October 2016

Download Traffic Rider v1.2 Mod Apk

Download Traffic Rider v1.2 Mod Apk
 Download Traffic Rider v1.2 Mod Apk. Traffic Rider is a motorcycle racing game that does not have an opponent to reach the finish line. This game is no finish line for what you should do in this game is driving with a motorcycle that has been selected to complete certain missions. In this game, the challenges to be faced is that the vehicle is on the highway as well as time. You should be able to ride a motorcycle on the highway. I will share the latest Traffic Rider Mod. By installing this mod version, then the money will immediately be able to buy a lot and the most expensive vehicle or the other.

- Addition of a new career and 26 new missions
- Addition of two motorbikes awesome
- Added support gamepad
- Added option unit mph
- Added option Indonesian
- Various improvements and bug fixes

Game Information:

Download Traffic Rider v1.2 Mod

Download Traffic Rider v1.2

How to Install :
  1. Download game apk
  2. Install apk
  3. Play


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