Saturday, 30 July 2016

Download Zombie Hunter Apocalypse v2.3.5 Mod Money

Download Zombie Hunter Apocalypse v2.3.5 Mod Money
 Download Zombie Hunter Apocalypse v2.3.5 Mod Money. Of course you all do not want to meet with zombies. Zombies are undead horrible and likes to eat people who are still alive. However it was only in the game and the movie. If you like the android zombie game, I recommend to play Zombie Hunter Apocalypse. Zombie in this game has such a frightening and disgusting. You will face many zombies fallow in the city. You will be equipped with weapons that can be used to kill them. 

- Intense action in the best zombie shooter 
- Huge arsenal to choose from: Sniper Rifles ( Barret M82, M90, and Dragunov ), heavy guns, rocket launchers, and special weapons such as crossbows and scifi snipers. 
- Over 250 missions: Campaign Mode, Helicopter Missions and Weapon, Guns test mode, Speedy zombies, and Superzombies 
- 5 Stunning 3D maps never seen on mobiles before: Infected city, Abandoned Amusement Park, or Arctic. 
- Changing weather 
- Stunning 3D Graphics 
- Missions Editor: you can create an endless variety of challenging and original missions 

 Game Information: 

Download Zombie Hunter Apocalypse v2.3.5 Mod

 How to Install: 
  1. Download game apk 
  2. Install apk 
  3. Play 


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