Monday, 20 June 2016

Download Battle Buzz 1.2.4 Mod Apk

Download Battle Buzz 1.2.4 Mod Apk
 Download Battle Buzz 1.2.4 Mod Apk. Gobel Play - Buzz Battle is an action game battle between two types of animals, including bees and flies. In this game, players will lead the bee troops to fight the hordes of evil mutant flies. The bees have been equipped with weapons that can kill the flies, as well as flies, they have a great weapon anyway. Destroy the mutant flies and destroy them with your squad. 

 Game Information: 

Download Battle Buzz 1.2.4

Download Battle Buzz

 How to Install: 
  1. Download game apk 
  2. Install apk 
  3. Enjoy 


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