Monday, 11 January 2016

Download Freedom v1.0.8a and How to Use

 Download Freedom v1.0.8a and How to Use - Freedom is one of the applications to buy something in the game for free. By using this application, you can manipulate the data so the items you buy through freedom be free. To be able to run smoothly, you need additional applications, namely Market Unlocker. 

 How to use Freedom:
  1. Download Freedom and Market Unlocker 
  2. Install both applications. 
  3. Open Market Unlocker, select the Russian state, on the left 
  4. Go to Freedom, enter the settings, check the top of the phone will automatically restart 
  5. Open the Freedom again, the setting, check the numbers 2 and 3 
  6. Select the game you want to buy an item, such as gold, gems and others. 

 App Information: 

Download Freedom v1.0.8a and How to Use

Market Unlocker

 How to Install:
  1. Download game 
  2. Install 
  3. Enjoy 


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