Thursday, 5 November 2015

Download Smartphonelogs Spy Application for Android

 Download Smartphonelogs Spy Application for Android - Many things you can do using your android phone. Such as managing photos, videos and other cutting. However, the most advanced is a spy. To spy on someone now easier, by way embed applications into the victim's cell phone. One spy app for android is smartphonelogs. You can enjoy the features offered by this application.

Download Smartphonelogs Spy Application for Android

How to use Smartphonelogs: 
  1. Open through mobile phones that will be installed 
  2. Download and install apk 
  3. Enter the name and password up to you, you can also include e-mail and password for the account recovery 
  4. Then click "save and hide this app", then this application will not appear on the app drawer 
  5. To be able to view the entire record, please enter via PC or smartphone. 
  6. When it is in, come in the edit menu set the device that needs to be backed up. My advice do not have to back up photos because it will spend the data quota gadgets we rigged. 


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