Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Download Real Guitar v2.3.2 Apk

Download Real Guitar v2.3.2 Apk
 Download Real Guitar v2.3.2 Apk - Real Guitar is one of the most realistic guitar simulator apps and free, featuring a user-friendly interface and an awesome sound quality. It is one of the best guitar app for android. All notes have been recorded from the original acoustic guitars directly. With the help of a Real Guitar, you can easily pull, pluck, and hit the strings to play complex chords and figure out your favorite songs or create your own. You can learn and master the chords and jingles, new riffs also using Real Guitar. 

Real Guitar Features: 
  • Database chords are very much with tabs (tablature) 
  • Solo mode 
  • Songbook 
  • Hi-Fi sound 
  • Switching chords quickly 
  • Two types of guitar: with nylon and steel string 

 Game Information: 

 How to Install: 
  1. Download game 
  2. Install 
  3. Enjoy 


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