Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Download Latest Android Games for Android 2015

 Download Latest Android Games for Android 2015 - Race was about racing and courage. Race was a matter of guts, because there lives are at stake. Race was ready, because there all the worst could happen. If you want to become a racer, you must be ready, daring and had guts. If you do not have it, the better both of you play a racing game for android. It does not take courage because there is no risk, except one, hooked playing racing games. 

 It has entered mid-2015, and certainly a lot of racing games for android who has been released from the beginning of the year to date. On this occasion, the admin gobelplay.com will inform you all about the latest racing games for android 2015. There are a few that I recommend here, I hope you guys are interested, download at least one of the racing game. 

 Download Latest Racing Games for Android 2015: 

 1. SBK15 Official Mobile Game

Download Latest Android Games for Android 2015

     Motorcycle racing game official so highly qualified and exciting. Like a real race so that you will not be disappointed after this game downloads. There are many motorcycle, track and also the match. Prepare a large enough space before downloading this racing game. 

 2. Death Race The Game 

Download Latest Android Games for Android 2015
   Inspired by a film that tells the race in a prison. As in the movie, when playing this game, you not only compete racing, but strtegi and fight. You are allowed to knock your opponent with a weapon, so it's very exciting game this one. 

 3. Mort & Phil: Frenzy Drive 

Download Latest Android Games for Android 2015

     Mort & Phil: Frenzy Drive is a unique racing game. In the 2015's you can enjoy this game with a relaxed and comfortable. Racing vehicles that are here also appears unique. There are a wide variety of missions that must be executed with different obstacles. Immediately play Mort & Phil: Frenzy Drive. 

 4. Fast and Furious Legacy 

Download Latest Android Games for Android 2015
  It also inspired one of the famous film. Surely you already know the film. Here, the developers try to bring racing games are fun and not boring. Curious as to what the thrill of the race in Fast and Furious Legacy? Please download.

 5. Air Racing 3D 

Download Latest Android Games for Android 2015

     Unlike the racing game over. This is a race in the air. Because the track is in the air does not mean that there are no obstacles and hurdles. Vehicles that you use for this race is a plane, not a car or a motorcycle, so not to be missed. 

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