Monday, 8 June 2015

Download XMODGAMES Android v2.0.1 Update (Exclusive)

Xmodegames v2.0.1
Xmodegames is a assistant game tool with a variety of mods that super mobile based android jail broken devices and iDevice ("After Rooted"). This application is very useful to get the best games, efficient in the game and save your time. Xmodegames currently widely used and become part of popular android applications because it allows users to play games online and also provides features: plugin, speed of function and mods for various games that challenge your adrenaline. To meet the needs of users of games, the xmods always released and upgrade interesting game and improved version of the suit those needs.

Xmodegames modded app is a tool with a safe plug-in free from danger. The presence of xmods application is to help users feel comfortable when playing and getting the best game.

Features xmodgames:
- Various management for the game.
- A user friendly interface and integrated UI system.
- One click to slide to the mods.
- List of games with automatic detection.
- Super mods game that is useful to outperform your opponent.
- Support timely updates.
- Very practical tool to mainstream games and offers major modifications.
- Modify some of the features that you and your friends can interact.

Features Minecraft Launch:
- HP full: Press the button to heal ("Respawn useful to reactivate the stored files").
- Setting Night / Day ("Set night or daytime")
- Block Breaker useful ("Breaking the blocks immediately").

Features Clash Of Clans (COC):
- Search Dark elixir (DE), Elixir, Gold, Trophy, Search Townhall to level.
- Townhall Distance (new feature) / Townhall near close.
- Sandbox Attack ("Simulation for Attack: revenge / war").
- Setting targets fortress troops.
- The setting makes its own troops.
- Setting a spell in the sandbox (new feature).
-Keep Active ("Useful for not attacked because the active application").
- Traps can be seen (new feature).

What is new Xmodegames v2.0.1?
New features in the application xmods:
- Available HD recording quality, and increased social interaction in the build-in screen in the game.
- There are discussion forums and shared experiences in the game.
- Recommend interesting tool on your friends to download.

How to install on your Adroid?
- Remove xmodegames applications from your device if reactors installed previously.
- Download and install APK Latest from the link below.
- Completed and enjoy the game.
Note: To run this application, you must have at Android root.

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