Thursday, 4 June 2015

Download Advanced Download Manager Pro 4.1.6 build 20416512

Download Advanced Download Manager Pro

Advanced Manager Pro is a program management application download android sophisticated and professional with maximum speed and can be equated with the speed of Internet Download Manager (IDM) on the computer. Excess Download Manager is able to produce a very high download speed so as not to waste a lot of your time.

Advanced Download Manager Pro features:
Many of the features embedded in it so that users feel satisfied to use this apk android application.

- Ability to simultaneously download three files at once.
- Available multithreading (9 parts) to accelerate the download.
- The arrest of a link from the browser and clipboard.
- Available to download notifications panel and program icons.
- Settings on the SD card and download the reserve list.
- Notification vibration and noise when the download is complete.
- Resume downloads after restarting or reconnection network.
- Capable of storing in different folders with different file types.
- Built-in browser to download from the website registration system.
- Scheduling and planning files to be downloaded.
- Available widgets on the home screen.
- There is a site manager.
- No Ads.

See from the above features, we so know Advance Download Manager is the best android apps for download.
ADM does not support download Youtube dn follow the rules of google.

Advanced Download Manager Pro
What's New In Advanced Download Manager (ADM) Pro Version 4.1.6?
- Bug fixed and Increased speed file creation.
- Supports pop-up blocker on ADM Browser
- There are additional left menu - Filtering is useful to filter downloads by status.
- There are additional menu Left - Filtering - Single lists are useful for sorting disable the Queue list and Done.

How to install?
- Download apk file.
- Install It On the Phone as you normally Perform.
- Completed.

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