Monday, 23 March 2015

Download BBM-ID Clone Mod Transparent Latest

 Download BBM-ID Clone Mod Transparent Latest - There is always a modified version of BBM for android. I've been several times to share BBM mod but I guess not enough because many programmers who modify BBM with their own creations. Of BBM version of the mod does not exist in Playstore, but you can find it on the blog BBM I share this time is BBM-ID Clone MOD Transparent. BBM-ID Clone MOD has many advantages such as making your own PIN, have 2 PIN, change backgrounds and much more. for those who want to possess BBM mod this version, downloaded via the link I have provided.

Download BBM-ID Clone Mod Transparent Latest

 Features BBM-ID Clone MOD 
  • BBM new Version 
  • Enter Key is integrated with bar features the Show Action and keyboard. 
  • Can reload / refresh. 
  • Sponsors can show hidden in the BBM setting. 
  • Notifications appear blinking. 
  • There is a private mode. 
  • Dual Background (There is a transparent background and custom background). 
  • Picture Display large. 
  • Can change font color / font. 
  • Available dual BBM. 

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