Thursday, 19 March 2015

Download APUS Launcher Latest for Android

Download APUS Launcher Latest for Android
 Download APUS Launcher Latest for Android - It's been a few times I shared a launcher for android. Previously I've shared Launcher 8 Pro, KK Prime Launcher and Buzz Launcher . This time I will post another launcher application that is very interesting, namely Apus launcher. APUS launcher is an application launcher that is extremely lightweight. This application can be used to enhance the appearance of your android phones and tablets, so that the display on your android screen is different from the others. 

 This APUS launcher application have't the app drawer like in most application launcher for android. But all application in homescreen. So, if you want to open the application, then you just need to move the screen sideways, with a suite of applications that have been grouped according to categories will be appear. APUS Launcher is smart because it can organize the applications already installed on the Android and put into folders according to the category of those applications. 

Download APUS Launcher Latest


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