Friday, 13 February 2015

Download Ninja Online Android | Naruto Game

Download Ninja Online Android | Naruto Game
 Download Ninja Online Android | Naruto Game - Naruto Manga has graduated in 2014 lau but the film has not been completed and also the charm is still there today. In addition, Naruto-themed games are still emerging, one Ninja Online. It is a android game with the theme of Naruto and his friends so that all the characters in this game is a character in the Naruto series. 

 Ninja Online is a war strategy game Shinobi, 2015. You should be able to think about the best strategy to defeat the other shinobi. Battle between shinobi looks very good because the graphics are satisfactory. Fight against other players experience hard to forget because each player has a character, ability and different strategies. 

 Features Ninja Online: 
  • Graphics Japanese style 
  • 200 characters shinobi 
  • 150 types of Ninjutsu and forbidden techniques make Ninjutsu 
  • 400 different combinations of skills that triggered a series of sophisticated repertoire of attacks 
  • More than 800 different character combinations that unlock special attributes 
  • 100 items legendary world of Shinobi 
  • Displaying all 10 animals 

Download Ninja Online Android


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