Sunday, 18 January 2015

Download Root Explorer v3.3.2 for Android Latest

Download Root Explorer v3.3.2 for Android Latest
 Download Root Explorer v3.3.2 for Android Latest - To process data or files in android phones require application. Such application is called the file manager. As you know, if the application is a file manager for smartphones very much at all and has its own advantages, one of which is the Root Explorer. 've Never heard of this app is it? I give this latest series of this application. 

 Root Explorer is an application that is able to organize files in the android smartphone, both internal and external. All types of files will be shown here, such as photos, video, mp3 and others, all of that can you manage through Root Explorer. Not only that the advantages of this android application, to the details listed below. 

Features Root Explorer: 
Display a SQLite database. 
Text Editor. 
Create and extract zip or tar file / .gzip. 
Extract the rar file. 
Skripts execute. 
File search. 
Sending files. 
Thumbnail image. 
And much more 


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