Friday, 16 January 2015

Download Game BombSquad for Android

Download Game BombSquad for Android
 Download Game BombSquad for Android - For several days I posted about android application which is very useful as Apk Editor, Poweramp and others, now I will give you a mild android games but fun once, myself hooked when I first played this game. I play the game is BombSquad. We know a dangerous bomb packed in an attractive game. 

 BombSquad is an action where you can make a bomb in an unlimited amount, but for a limited time. This game has three modes that you can choose, Co-op, Teams and Free for All. Each mode has several stages with different missions, there is a race taking the flag, destroy all enemies and much more. Whatever your mission to attack the enemy by all means. 

 When you play BombSquad, then there will be a lot of colored boxes that appear. Each color has a different function box, red box could make into a powerful punch, green box can make a bomb you like rubber and stick, the blue box you can set up the bomb be frozen if the bomb exploded in the area could be ice and many more boxes other. 

 It could be an alternative for those of you who may have been bored with the big games like GTA Chinatown Wars, The Soul or the other. In addition, the game is also suitable for all ages. Play this game, for sure you will be made to laugh by the behavior of characters in BombSquad. 

Download Game BombSquad

Game BombSquad


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