Friday, 5 December 2014

Download Mental Hospital 2 Apk for Android

Download Mental Hospital 2 Apk for Android
 Lots of Horror games for mobile. The most famous example is Resident Evil 4 and Left 4 Dead 2, but this time I will give a horror game that is not less frightening than the second game. Game is entitled Mental Hospital 2. Did you ever hear the name of this game? Surely there who do not know about this one android game, for those who never played the first series is definitely waiting for this second series. 

 Mental Hospital 2 is a horror game and different other. The game is themed on a mental hospital who has a lot of mystery in it, a lot of things that have not been revealed here. In this game, you will play a reporter who was in an accident, do not know why you could be in the hospital. Here your adventure begins, you have to get out of it while covering what you anticipate. 

 During the journey to find a way out, a lot of strange creatures that you encounter and certainly can make you scared. Their arrival is not predictable and can occur at any time. The camera that you bring will continue to record all the events here. Space in the bulk of the pain is very dark so the feel tense is very pronounced. If you have the courage, instantly downloadable games for android Mental Hospital 2 guys. 

Download Mental Hospital 2 Apk

Download Mental Hospital 2


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