Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Download Call of Duty Heroes for Android Apk

Download Call of Duty Heroes for Android Apk
 Download Call of Duty Heroes for Android Apk - Call of Duty Heroes is a mobile game strategy genre. In this game you will control the army, and the heroes who have their own advantages. This game has excellent graphics and cool visual effects. What happens in this game such as explosions, fire, death and other prahurit visible. Many characters heroes and sophisticated defensive weapons. This game requires internet connection smoothly. 

 When normally Call of Duty is FPS games but this time make different series that strategy but still raised about the sophisticated weapons and warfare of modern times. This game is almost similar to the COC but the developers give different herbs in making it more cool and charming. There are several interesting features that exist in other strategy games. Upgrade base and heroes to be more powerful. 

 In this game, you can you select single or multiplayer mode, but basically remains PVP multiplayer where players can fight each other anatr using an internet connection. Call of Duty Heroes install dross cool as it could present a strategy game very well. At the beginning of the game you will be given a tutorial on how to play it, and as the opening you will be invited to attack the base opponents. There, you can see how good the game is. 

Download Call of Duty Heroes for Android


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