Thursday, 25 December 2014

Download Beast Busters featuring KOF Apk Android

Download Beast Busters feauring KOF Apk Android
 Download Beast Busters feauring KOF Apk Android - At the end of 2014 is SNK brings cool mobile games, namely Beast Busters featuring KOF. This game is the incorporation of the Beast Busters and King of Fighter (KOF). 2 game series legend in combining into one with a cool style and good graphics. Surely many are curious about this series. 

 Beast Busters featuring KOF is a simple FPS game. Here you are given the freedom to want to become a mercenary Beast Busters or the main character of King of Fighter (KOF). Each character has its own advantages, there are clever martial arts and some are an expert shot. Facing the enemy in this game is scary monster, you have to kill all the monsters. More fun if you play with your friends in multiplayer mode. 

 In this game you also collect fighters cores, an item that contains the power of KOF characters that can be power-ups and evolved, special abilities and other features. Beast Busters featuring KOF you can enjoy at least version 2.3 android. 

Download Beast Busters feauring KOF Apk

Download Beast Busters feauring KOF


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