Sunday, 2 November 2014

Free Download Angry Birds Transformer for Android

Free Download Angry Birds Transformer for Android
 Free Download Angry Birds Transformer for Android - After his name known in the gaming industry, Rovio is always a surprise in the game Angry Bird. After giving a fresh new look at the Angry Bird Epic different from the previous series, now Rovio gave a surprise in the latest series which can be very inspiring. The new series is called Angry Bird Transformers. Judging from the title alone is pretty cool, especially inside. Surely you're all curious about this Transformers series. I'm also curious when I first knew it.

 Angry Birds Transformers is the latest game from Rovio is inspired from the movie Transformers. In this game turns into a robot bird character in Angry Birds style. You will not find a catapult or 3 opponents battle 3 as in the previous series, but you will find the latest form of Angry Birds are cool. Here you have to run and shoot the evil pigs charming your friends. Agility and shot accuracy is needed here. 

 More exciting because you can change to the shape of the car. You can change at any time or when needed as to avoid debris in order to run faster changes to the shape of the car. Angry Birds party role as Autobot, while the deficient pigs act as a Decepticon. Angry Bird Shape resembles the Autobot but does not eliminate the Angry Birds. Forms such as Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and the other is a very nice and similar. 

 You can upgrade your character and weapons. Upgrade is urgently needed because the longer the enemy is getting stronger and not easily destroyed. Angry Birds Transformers is indeed free and developers rely on in-app purchases, so there are special weapons that you can use but must be a way to buy. Price weapon vary, depending on the prowess. 

 Angry Birds Transformers has a very nice chart, therefore, natural that this game requires a large space. To be able to play it on your android, then the clothes should provide a space of 129 MB. The magnitude of the size of the game is comparable with results that will get when playing this game.

Minimum Android: android 4.0 or higher. 


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