Thursday, 6 November 2014

Download Soccer Runner - Football Rush Android for Free

Download Soccer Runner - Football Rush Android for Free
 Download Soccer Runner - Football Rush Android for Free - Present again run game for android innovative, ie Soccer Runner : Football Rush. From the title alone you must have already bia guess as to what this game. Indeed, the game is still associated with the ball. Merging elements of the ball and ran very exciting here is different from other run games. If you are accustomed to playing the game run Subway Surfers or The Maze Runner, you will feel quite a difference segnifikan here. 

 Soccer Runner : Football Rush is a running game that you can play on android. Game of the U-Play Online This is the story about a young child who loves to play ball in front of the house but the neighbors disturbed by the sound of the ball and eventually the young man pursued. Here you act as a young man, you have to run the ball as he plays with his feet and do not get caught. The problem you face is not only from the back, but from the side and from the front also. You have to avoid obstacles and all that can come suddenly. 

Download Soccer Runner - Football Rush Android

 There are four characters to choose from. 4th character has a cool appearance. In addition to some of the characters are provided, there are three kinds of sites that you can explore, the city, the stadium and parking. And in a later stadium you have to put the ball into the goal that had been guarded by a reliable goalkeeper. 

Download Soccer Runner - Football Rush

 Chart of Soccer Runner : Football Rush is very nice as well as other running games. How to play it is also quite easy that is by sliding the screen to the right, left, up and down so that you have no difficulty in controlling the character to move according to your wishes. 

 Minimum Android: android 2.3 or higher. 


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