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Download Game Global Assault for Android - Online Strategy

Download Game Global Assault for Android - Online Strategy
 Download Game Global Assault for Android - Online Strategy - Global Assault is a mobile game-based online strategy. Games from Kongregate takes the theme of modern era warfare so that the character is not a human being run here all but more to combat vehicles, such as tanks, helicopters and more. Headquarters of players here is not a place but a carrier that is in the heavens and on guard with jets. Very exciting with a very stunning graphics that make the eyes to see it saturated. The visual effects are very impressive, coupled with musical spirit burner in the liver. 

 In this game Global Assault you have to set up a strategy to attack and defend. You should put the number of troops to confront the enemy troops. Each troop has different capabilities, there bazookas carrier vehicles, soldiers carry bazookas, tanks, helicopters, and it all should be well arranged so that the defense is not broken. Setting the composition is very important here because it is that determines the ability of the defense as well assault your troops. You must understand the true characteristics of the vehicles and troops in an attack. How alternately attacking here and you do not have to arrange your troops directly, but can be one pesatu and look at the situation. 

 Despite having headquarters in the air, but the battle is in the land because many combat vehicle on land base. Later, when you level up one shot by an enemy aircraft carrier and fell into enemy territory that requires clothes to fight there. Gameplay is presented looks good. 

 Lots of combat vehicles that you can collection here, but at the beginning of the game you only have one man army troops and three vehicles. Vehicles other war is still not open, they will be open due to rising levels of you. Upgrading the characters to be more resilient because the enemy will not let you pass and they will be stronger. Effects of character upgrades here are felt at all and can be seen from the shot. Many locations in the war game's Global Assault so players are not only presented with the location alone but there are other variations and can add to the spirit. 

 For those of you who are looking for a strategy game to fill your free time, maybe the game from Kongregate is suitable because it is not binding and you can run a mission with sanati and not hunted by the time it runs. And certainly this game has amazing graphics. When compared with the graph of the game Battle Alert - War of Tanks, I think almost the same. Details war vehicle picture looks so good and as real. Additionally, the visualization of sounds and effects very well attack. 

 That was all that could be admin to make about the game's Global Assault. This game can you play your favorite android but minimum android 4.0. If you are under the android version that you can not play it. And must remember, this online game so you need an internet connection to be able to play and you can also play with other players. 

Download Game Global Assault for Android

Download Game Global Assault


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