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Download Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow for Android Free

Download Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow for Android Free
 Download Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow for Android Free - Dead Mortal Ninja Shadow is a ninja adventure game from Brain Eaters. Ninja here as only a shadow that looks like a real ninja who likes to run in the dark of night missions. A wide variety of fun and exciting obstacles must be followed in order to achieve the primary mission. Kill every enemy there and be careful with them because it can also attack with their expertise. Use all of the capabilities possessed Ninja like high jump and move quickly. 

 This game uses 2D and shaped everything black, trees, grass, and the other characters are black, as well as the game Shadow Fight 2 is also in the form of a black shadow. Environment in ways that made the night so that the shades look so dazzling though only 2D. However, the effect of such attacks slashing, death and the other is made of different colors. For example, when swinging the sword there will be white, and when the enemy tertebas then there will be a red color that comes out of his body which suggests that blood out. So not everything is black, still there are other colors to make it look natural. 

 Obstacles in this game is very diverse so that the duration of the game Dead Ninja Shadow Mortal long enough. Here players will act as a great ninja who is running a special mission. Travel to the location of the mission is exciting because not only run fast, but there is a scene just jump, climb tree branches to escape detection by the enemy, and so forth. Slash all enemies with a sharp sword in your hand there. Be careful with the enemy because of the brand can be attacked, therefore, attack silently and suddenly, do not let others know the enemy. This is the world of the ninja that kills silently is the expertise of a true ninja. 

 How to control the character is easy, because it only needs to tap on the screen when you want to attack and jump. To run ahead, there is a separate button. Very simple once their control, and tap controls are very sensitive so the characters can move according to instructions and agile moves. Move as needed, not just to play with the beautiful ninja stepping away, because it will affect enemy's vision and can perform remote attacks such as archery. 

 I think the game Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow has pretty good graphics and easy controls smoothly. Although only 2D, but this game has a fun and exciting challenge to be conquered. Different obstacles and varied so it is not easy to get it done in a short time. For those who are looking for adventure ninja game, download this game because it is possible that during these games you are looking for. 

 That's all I can say in this post. If anyone is interested in playing on please download via the link below. The game is free so it does not require cost to be able to enjoy it. And the last information from me, Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow can run on at least android 2.1 android. 

Download Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow for Android

Download Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow


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