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Download Contract Killer Sniper | Time to be a Hitman

Download Contract Killer Sniper | Time to be a Hitman
 Download Contract Killer Sniper | Time to be a Hitman - After android came into this world and growing, many emerging game developers android. They are competing to be the best with the release of a great game that is able to seize the attention of android users. For a reputable and well-known gaming companies to further improve the quality of the games release. Glu Mobile, when they hear the word of course many already know about the quality of the games offered. Many successful and demand a lot of people, and Glu Mobile has recently released a new game, namely Contract Killer: Sniper. Of course many are curious as to what your game is being released. What makes this game should you download? 

 Contract Killer: Sniper is the latest shooting action game from Glu Mobile. In this game the player will play as a hitman so that the players will be familiar with the sound of gunfire and explosions here. If anyone wants to feel the thrill of becoming a professional killer better play this game alone. Complete some important mission to get paid according to the agreement. A lot of missions here so pemian will not easily get bored playing the game at the same assassin sniper. Each bullet meant for a killer with a rifle. For that, use any puluru owned. 

 There were 250 that you can finish here. All of the mission was very exciting because every mission exists at a different difficulty, suitable for those who like the challenge. Getting into, the more difficult the mission was necessary to upgrade weapons and equipment. And in the game Contract Killer: Sniper's no upgrade feature so it is fun. There are lots of equipment and weapons that can be used mainly in the mission, such as knives, assault rifles, heavy weapons, rockets and so forth. These weapons are very useful even though the player a sniper who has high accuracy. 

 In addition to the singleplayer mode completed 250 missions there is also a multiplayer mode. In multiplayer, players can compete with other players who are online via an internet connection. PVP is very exciting and very sought after by lovers of android games. If the players are not used to playing in multiplayer mode, players can practice first in singleplayer mode complete the mission that has been provided. In singleplayer mode the player can choose the contract that has been provided. Upon completion of contract players will get paid. 

 Contract Killer: Sniper has a very nice graphics so that the eyes of the players like to see all the scenes and effects that are here. And the most interesting feature in this game is a slow-motion camera that will keep pace with bullets to the enemy. The players are certainly excited to see the see the pace of a bullet fired in slow motion. This feature is rarely used in the shooting game, shooting game example that there is no slow-motion camera feature is Captain Strike game. 

 If you want to find a game that is fun and challenging shoot, Contract Killer: Sniper is the answer. Here, players will become the greatest assassin and never existed. Hurry download this android game because the game is free. 

Download Contract Killer Sniper

Contract Killer Sniper

 Android minimum: android 3.0 or higher. 


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