Sunday, 2 November 2014

Download Battle Alert - War of Tanks Android Apk

Download Battle Alert - War of Tanks Android Apk
 Download Battle Alert - War of Tanks Android Apk - Play games RTS (Real Time Strategy) is very exciting because there we can hone our thinking with strategy and real time. As you know that RTS games are the games that are popular today. One of the latest RTS game is the Battle Alert: War of Tanks. Empire Game Studio as a developer trying to compete with other games with concepts and excellent graphics. This game is packed with so fascinating. 

 Battle Alert: War of Tanks is a modern war game with RTS systems. In this game you have to make a defense base, such as making the city. You must make defense weapons and troops. Defensive weapons are very useful to protect your base from enemy attack. While you can use force to defend and attack. The core of this game you have to make the base as possible and set the strategy for the attack, similar to the Base Busters, but the concept is much better and more real this game. 

 More exciting with the support of elite troops and military vehicles of war. Shades of the modern era was very thick here. There are planes, tanks and others that you can find here. Troops and the attack is evident coupled with appropriate voice and distinctive musical warfare. Strategies in regulating base and assault is needed to be the strongest and greatest. 

 Features embedded multiplayer games further add to the excitement of Battle Alert: War of Tanks. You can attack another player's base and seize their resources. You can choose your opponent in the folder. There are many enemies that you can attack and of course with different difficulty levels. If you want to know the thrill of this game, take a look at the video below.


Android minimum: android 2.3 or higher. 


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