Friday, 28 November 2014

Download Stickman Soccer 2014 for Android

Download Stickman Soccer 2014 for Android
 Download Stickman Soccer 2014 for Android - Football games for android unique and interesting perhaps only one, namely Stickman Soccer 2014 game that is different from other football games. Packed with different shades and fun but does not eliminate the essential element. Many countries, clubs, stadiums that can be selected to compete. The characters do not have the same face as the game Shadow Fight 2 or Dead Mortal Ninja Shadow. There is excitement obtained when playing this game. 

 After the success of the first with less Stickman Soccer, now comes a new series in 2014 with the addition of more exciting new features. Soccer-style silhouette and a little to attract the attention of many people because it is not less cool with the football game FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Stickman Soccer 2014 brings various macama league, league are like America, Europe League and others, even the World Cup 2014 is also available here. There are also many new game modes are pinned for the creation of an unmatched advantage. 

Download Stickman Soccer 2014

 Enjoy football in your android phone with unique packaging. Not less exciting experience gained while playing. Sensitive controls and easy so that you can run swiftly. Some levels are created for the experts. The look is very friendly so it is easy to understand. There is no reason not to play because the game Stickman Soccer 2014 is very cool. 


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Download SCR Screen Recorder 5+ Free for Android

Download SCR Screen Recorder 5+ Free for Android
 Download SCR Screen Recorder 5+ Free for Android - SCR Screen Recorder 5+ Free is an application that has the ability to recorder screen on a cell phone with a fairly long duration. This application can be run on android smoothly but at least version 5.0 (Lollipop). However, these advanced applications require rooting access to be executed. Record activity on the phone with this powerful software and can be downloaded for free.

 For those who are looking for android application that can record all activities on your phone with a video format, I have shared this application is perfect. SCR Screen Recorder 5+ Free can be downloaded for free with the ability to record for 3 minutes. Example You want to record the game Heroes Charge and want to upload to YouTube, then just use this cool software. Popular right now recording the game is on the phone and then uploaded to YouTube and social media.

 I think a time of 3 minutes is a long time to record with aplikasu free. But if you want more than 3 minutes, then you can buy the Pro with features that are more complete and longer duration. For those who have money, it is better to buy the Pro because it is better than free, but free does not mean that bad, still nice. Immediately download SCR Screen Recorder 5+ Free to record all activities on your smart phone.

Download SCR Screen Recorder 5+ Free


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Download War Hero - Crazy Shooter Free Game for Android

Download War Hero - Crazy Shooter Free Game for Android
 Download War Hero - Crazy Shooter Free Game for Android - War Hero: crazy Shooter Free is a mobile game genre action. A fierce battle against the demons packed with excellent and fascinating. And sound effects collision attack looks stunning. Details are very good environment for games like this. Many levels that could be explored and many sophisticated weapons that could be used to fight a lot of demons. There are special abilities that can be removed when in an emergency. Discover the thrill of combat magic by using advanced technology and unimaginable. 


 The story in the game War Hero: Crazy Shooter Free stems from the demons that appear to the world and want to hang with eliminating all mankind. They have the magic power of a great and powerful. But human beings do not remain silent, they have advanced technology that can be used to fight the devil. Here you are acting as a hero who use these weapons to kill those evil demons. Various kinds of sophisticated weapons created for you. The battle between humans and demons broke with their respective capabilities. How thrill of the battle between the sophisticated technology with magic? 

 About the game 

 This is an action game where you will play as the only person who is able to fight all the demons with weapons and abilities you have. The weapon is very powerful and also much so varied. In addition you can also pull out a weapon special abilities like spending a lot of giant sword of the sky so that the enemy could not avoid getting weaker. But they need to fight to be able to get the weapon. There are some special abilities in addition to the Traffic issued a giant sword that is no less great. 

How to play this game very easily and I do not need a tutorial because essentially the same as other adventure games. Controlling the character feels light as navigation and action buttons are very sensitive. With the sensitive buttons, you can freely move the character. Although I told you how to play easy, does not mean the game is easy to master or easy to reach the end. The journey is long and not easy. 

 Adventure with varying degrees of difficulty will you find here. Lift arms and beat every demon that block. Destroy all of them with all his strength and ability. Only you only hope the world. Struggling or give up in the hands of an evil demon. Although only garfik 2D same as Angry Birds Transformer, playing this game will make you forget the time. 


 War Hero: Crazy Shooter Free is an action game that you can play on your favorite android phone. This game has several exciting levels. Adventure against the demons you'll only find here since the collision between technology and magic unimaginable. 2 different Strength collide resulting in severe shock. Although only 2D graphics, this game is not less cool with 3D games, like The Sims Free and AVP Evolution. To be able to memainkna War Hero: crazy Shooter Free, you should use a minimum of android 2.3, higher than the version, the better. 

Download War Hero - Crazy Shooter Free Game

Download War Hero - Crazy Shooter Free


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Download Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow for Android Free

Download Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow for Android Free
 Download Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow for Android Free - Dead Mortal Ninja Shadow is a ninja adventure game from Brain Eaters. Ninja here as only a shadow that looks like a real ninja who likes to run in the dark of night missions. A wide variety of fun and exciting obstacles must be followed in order to achieve the primary mission. Kill every enemy there and be careful with them because it can also attack with their expertise. Use all of the capabilities possessed Ninja like high jump and move quickly. 

 This game uses 2D and shaped everything black, trees, grass, and the other characters are black, as well as the game Shadow Fight 2 is also in the form of a black shadow. Environment in ways that made the night so that the shades look so dazzling though only 2D. However, the effect of such attacks slashing, death and the other is made of different colors. For example, when swinging the sword there will be white, and when the enemy tertebas then there will be a red color that comes out of his body which suggests that blood out. So not everything is black, still there are other colors to make it look natural. 

 Obstacles in this game is very diverse so that the duration of the game Dead Ninja Shadow Mortal long enough. Here players will act as a great ninja who is running a special mission. Travel to the location of the mission is exciting because not only run fast, but there is a scene just jump, climb tree branches to escape detection by the enemy, and so forth. Slash all enemies with a sharp sword in your hand there. Be careful with the enemy because of the brand can be attacked, therefore, attack silently and suddenly, do not let others know the enemy. This is the world of the ninja that kills silently is the expertise of a true ninja. 

 How to control the character is easy, because it only needs to tap on the screen when you want to attack and jump. To run ahead, there is a separate button. Very simple once their control, and tap controls are very sensitive so the characters can move according to instructions and agile moves. Move as needed, not just to play with the beautiful ninja stepping away, because it will affect enemy's vision and can perform remote attacks such as archery. 

 I think the game Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow has pretty good graphics and easy controls smoothly. Although only 2D, but this game has a fun and exciting challenge to be conquered. Different obstacles and varied so it is not easy to get it done in a short time. For those who are looking for adventure ninja game, download this game because it is possible that during these games you are looking for. 

 That's all I can say in this post. If anyone is interested in playing on please download via the link below. The game is free so it does not require cost to be able to enjoy it. And the last information from me, Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow can run on at least android 2.1 android. 

Download Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow for Android

Download Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Download Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 for Android Free

Download Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 for Android Free
 Download Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 for Android Free - Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 is a kart racing game released for smart phones. In this game are used to race karts with various forms and strengths. Many exciting race track for racing locations are in unexpected places like the beach, the moon and the other. Players can make the leap and do the attractions in the air with the kart pet. Show me racing capabilities to other friends through facebook. 

 This is a racing game series that I never post. It's already the third series and I was a little late with this game. Immediately, in this game the player can choose a wide variety of kart that has been provided. Kart shape here is different from that in the real world, here is more interesting and more cool so as to attract the attention of the users of smartphones. There were shaped haloween, V8 engine that stands in front of and so forth. Perhaps if one among readers ever played this game would already know how the thrill of this racing game.  

 Location races in the game Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 is very challenging and sometimes do not make sense, but that's the thrill of this game that has a strange race tracks and challenging. Location race could be in the water, moon, creepy place and much more. In the tracks of course there are challenges such as sharp turns and jumps. And when players make the leap, then when in the air players also perform acrobatics cool. Acrobat here makes the game seem to be more attractive. Actually there are many challenges on the race track, but it's better to try it yourself because I can not mention one by one. 

 Conquer any tracks that are here and win every game that is the favorite kart. As the game in general that the character mauoun racing vehicles that can be used for the early game but one that players have to fight hard to be able to use other more powerful kart or a dream. Just to win the game, players can get the kart pet. If you are already accustomed to playing racing games on android, probably quite easy to win the game. 

 Game Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 has great graphics that will not make the eyes of the players play the game saturated in this one. However, when compared with game Real Racing 3 is certainly lose because their greater developer and already have a name in the gaming world. Despite losing the graph of Real Racing 3, but the game is still very fun to play in android, moreover empty space required is not too large. 

 Only it's a little explanation about the game Red Bull Fighter 3 for android. Hopefully the readers are interested to download the game and play until satisfied, and one more, players can also compete scores with friends through facebook. For that invite friends to play together. Now if only that, sorry if the explanation of this racing game that one less detail. Enjoy. 

Download Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 for Android

Download Red Bull Kart Fighter 3


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Download Game Global Assault for Android - Online Strategy

Download Game Global Assault for Android - Online Strategy
 Download Game Global Assault for Android - Online Strategy - Global Assault is a mobile game-based online strategy. Games from Kongregate takes the theme of modern era warfare so that the character is not a human being run here all but more to combat vehicles, such as tanks, helicopters and more. Headquarters of players here is not a place but a carrier that is in the heavens and on guard with jets. Very exciting with a very stunning graphics that make the eyes to see it saturated. The visual effects are very impressive, coupled with musical spirit burner in the liver. 

 In this game Global Assault you have to set up a strategy to attack and defend. You should put the number of troops to confront the enemy troops. Each troop has different capabilities, there bazookas carrier vehicles, soldiers carry bazookas, tanks, helicopters, and it all should be well arranged so that the defense is not broken. Setting the composition is very important here because it is that determines the ability of the defense as well assault your troops. You must understand the true characteristics of the vehicles and troops in an attack. How alternately attacking here and you do not have to arrange your troops directly, but can be one pesatu and look at the situation. 

 Despite having headquarters in the air, but the battle is in the land because many combat vehicle on land base. Later, when you level up one shot by an enemy aircraft carrier and fell into enemy territory that requires clothes to fight there. Gameplay is presented looks good. 

 Lots of combat vehicles that you can collection here, but at the beginning of the game you only have one man army troops and three vehicles. Vehicles other war is still not open, they will be open due to rising levels of you. Upgrading the characters to be more resilient because the enemy will not let you pass and they will be stronger. Effects of character upgrades here are felt at all and can be seen from the shot. Many locations in the war game's Global Assault so players are not only presented with the location alone but there are other variations and can add to the spirit. 

 For those of you who are looking for a strategy game to fill your free time, maybe the game from Kongregate is suitable because it is not binding and you can run a mission with sanati and not hunted by the time it runs. And certainly this game has amazing graphics. When compared with the graph of the game Battle Alert - War of Tanks, I think almost the same. Details war vehicle picture looks so good and as real. Additionally, the visualization of sounds and effects very well attack. 

 That was all that could be admin to make about the game's Global Assault. This game can you play your favorite android but minimum android 4.0. If you are under the android version that you can not play it. And must remember, this online game so you need an internet connection to be able to play and you can also play with other players. 

Download Game Global Assault for Android

Download Game Global Assault


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Download Contract Killer Sniper | Time to be a Hitman

Download Contract Killer Sniper | Time to be a Hitman
 Download Contract Killer Sniper | Time to be a Hitman - After android came into this world and growing, many emerging game developers android. They are competing to be the best with the release of a great game that is able to seize the attention of android users. For a reputable and well-known gaming companies to further improve the quality of the games release. Glu Mobile, when they hear the word of course many already know about the quality of the games offered. Many successful and demand a lot of people, and Glu Mobile has recently released a new game, namely Contract Killer: Sniper. Of course many are curious as to what your game is being released. What makes this game should you download? 

 Contract Killer: Sniper is the latest shooting action game from Glu Mobile. In this game the player will play as a hitman so that the players will be familiar with the sound of gunfire and explosions here. If anyone wants to feel the thrill of becoming a professional killer better play this game alone. Complete some important mission to get paid according to the agreement. A lot of missions here so pemian will not easily get bored playing the game at the same assassin sniper. Each bullet meant for a killer with a rifle. For that, use any puluru owned. 

 There were 250 that you can finish here. All of the mission was very exciting because every mission exists at a different difficulty, suitable for those who like the challenge. Getting into, the more difficult the mission was necessary to upgrade weapons and equipment. And in the game Contract Killer: Sniper's no upgrade feature so it is fun. There are lots of equipment and weapons that can be used mainly in the mission, such as knives, assault rifles, heavy weapons, rockets and so forth. These weapons are very useful even though the player a sniper who has high accuracy. 

 In addition to the singleplayer mode completed 250 missions there is also a multiplayer mode. In multiplayer, players can compete with other players who are online via an internet connection. PVP is very exciting and very sought after by lovers of android games. If the players are not used to playing in multiplayer mode, players can practice first in singleplayer mode complete the mission that has been provided. In singleplayer mode the player can choose the contract that has been provided. Upon completion of contract players will get paid. 

 Contract Killer: Sniper has a very nice graphics so that the eyes of the players like to see all the scenes and effects that are here. And the most interesting feature in this game is a slow-motion camera that will keep pace with bullets to the enemy. The players are certainly excited to see the see the pace of a bullet fired in slow motion. This feature is rarely used in the shooting game, shooting game example that there is no slow-motion camera feature is Captain Strike game. 

 If you want to find a game that is fun and challenging shoot, Contract Killer: Sniper is the answer. Here, players will become the greatest assassin and never existed. Hurry download this android game because the game is free. 

Download Contract Killer Sniper

Contract Killer Sniper

 Android minimum: android 3.0 or higher. 


Free Download Heroes Charge for Android | RPG Game

Free Download Heroes Charge for Android | RPG Game
 Free Download Heroes Charge for Android | RPG Game - Never give up and do not be afraid of anything, especially an enemy. No matter how strong the enemy certainly has its drawbacks. Clever strategy and good cooperation is the solution to beat the strongest. That teaches the game Heroes Charge. Maybe a lot of money are not familiar with this one because the game is still new and not so famous, but know that this game is very good and possess good visual effects and not less cool with the other games that same genre. Experience the exciting adventures alone or with friends. 

 Heroes Charge is a RPG Online from uCool that can be played on android. In this game the player will play some great hero and have different capabilities. There is a wrestler, good at archery and sorcerers. There are 50 heroes to choose from but it is not as easy as one might imagine because they need to fight hard to be able to unlock all heroes. At the beginning of the game, the player is only equipped with 3 heroes that are strong enough to start the adventure. The third hero has special abilities that can be used at any time and is not limited, but the force takes a few seconds to be used again as is the case in any other android games. I think the use of force sepesial rightfully egitu that this game is not boring, just imagine if the character is in the Charge Heroes can use special powers with no break, will always win and there was no challenge. 

 Once the hero is selected, the player can increase the strength of each hero in order to become more powerful, tough and durable in the face of all attacks that do not easily die and not easily defeated. The stronger the hero the difficulties faced in each battle feels lighter. Features upgraded character and strength is an important feature in the game are like this Charge Heroes since it's a RPG adventure game where the longer the enemy more powerful and gamers would be happy with the game there is a feature upgrade. 

 In addition to the adventure itself, the player can also play with friends or other players through multiplayer features, such as in the game Battle Alert - War of Tanks. To be able to play against other players, it takes a smooth internet connection. Players can also form a union or can also compete against each other (PVP). If the PVP then who wins will get a gift that's very useful for heronya. To that end, keep an opponent other players to earn prizes while also weeks to test the ability of the hero as well as the strategy used. 

 Heroes Charge has a very nice graphics so the battle which took place looks cool and amazing. In addition, the visual effect is also fascinating, the effects of special power when removed look awesome. The more passion with musical accompaniment that can burn at will the heart. There is no reason not to download this game Heroes Charge for your android. 

Free Download Heroes Charge for Android

Free Download Heroes Charge

 Android minimum: Android 2.3 or higher. 


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Download Soccer Runner - Football Rush Android for Free

Download Soccer Runner - Football Rush Android for Free
 Download Soccer Runner - Football Rush Android for Free - Present again run game for android innovative, ie Soccer Runner : Football Rush. From the title alone you must have already bia guess as to what this game. Indeed, the game is still associated with the ball. Merging elements of the ball and ran very exciting here is different from other run games. If you are accustomed to playing the game run Subway Surfers or The Maze Runner, you will feel quite a difference segnifikan here. 

 Soccer Runner : Football Rush is a running game that you can play on android. Game of the U-Play Online This is the story about a young child who loves to play ball in front of the house but the neighbors disturbed by the sound of the ball and eventually the young man pursued. Here you act as a young man, you have to run the ball as he plays with his feet and do not get caught. The problem you face is not only from the back, but from the side and from the front also. You have to avoid obstacles and all that can come suddenly. 

Download Soccer Runner - Football Rush Android

 There are four characters to choose from. 4th character has a cool appearance. In addition to some of the characters are provided, there are three kinds of sites that you can explore, the city, the stadium and parking. And in a later stadium you have to put the ball into the goal that had been guarded by a reliable goalkeeper. 

Download Soccer Runner - Football Rush

 Chart of Soccer Runner : Football Rush is very nice as well as other running games. How to play it is also quite easy that is by sliding the screen to the right, left, up and down so that you have no difficulty in controlling the character to move according to your wishes. 

 Minimum Android: android 2.3 or higher. 


Download Inotia 4 - Assassin of Berkel for Android Free

Download Inotia 4 - Assassin of Berkel for Android Free
 Download Inotia 4 - Assassin of Berkel for Android Free - RPG thrill felt not only in the PC version, but in the android is also exciting and fun. There have been many successful RPG game and keep updating the latest series. And in 2014 it was present again to continue his success, namely Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel. For those who like the RPG must be familiar with this game because of the previous series entitled Inotia 3: Children of Carnia been successful and known to many people. 

Download Inotia 4 - Assassin of Berkel for Android

 Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel is a RPG game from COM2 US with a variety of new innovations in the gaming world RPG. If usually in an RPG game there is only one hero who can play, in this game you can play a lot of characters at once. You can play up to 9 characters but the characters 7 to 9 requiring IAP. In addition to the number of characters that you can play, there are six classes that you can choose for your main hero. There is the Black Knight, Warlock, Assasssin, Ranger, Priest and Warrior. 

Download Inotia 4 - Assassin of Berkel

 The latest game from COM2 US is expected to surpass the success of the previous series and can please the players. And for lovers of RPG games and for those who never played the game Inotia, you must download the game Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel now because it is very exciting and ascending. 

 Android minimum: android 2.2 or higher. 


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Download AVP Evolution Apk for Android

Free Download AVP Evolution Apk for Android
 Download AVP Evolution Apk for Android - Do you still remember the movie Aliens Vs Predator? I'm sure you remember because some series have also been released. Not only movies are released, but also the official game released across multiple platforms and also not miss the android can sample games from the famous movie. Android games released entitled "AVP Evolution". Surely you who are curious about the opening game of this page! 

Free Download AVP Evolution Apk

 AVP Evolution is a action adventure game from Angry Mob Games. In this game you can play Aliens and Predator characters, but each character has a different mission so interesting to play. World in the game is also very spacious so that allows you to venture further afield to accomplishing the mission and slaughter opponents. Adventure here is very exciting and thrilling because of increasingly powerful enemies. But you do not need to worry because there are upgraded features characters and abilities so that you can offset the opponent. 

Free Download AVP Evolution

 Environment here is very terrible and terrifying enough to make you shiver coupled with excellent graphics. Blood spills and the effects of the attacks appear to be real, it can be seen from the gameplay that was released by the developer. There, you can see how cool and terrible game AVP Evolution

 Android minimum: android 2.3.3 or higher. 


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Free Download Angry Birds Transformer for Android

Free Download Angry Birds Transformer for Android
 Free Download Angry Birds Transformer for Android - After his name known in the gaming industry, Rovio is always a surprise in the game Angry Bird. After giving a fresh new look at the Angry Bird Epic different from the previous series, now Rovio gave a surprise in the latest series which can be very inspiring. The new series is called Angry Bird Transformers. Judging from the title alone is pretty cool, especially inside. Surely you're all curious about this Transformers series. I'm also curious when I first knew it.

 Angry Birds Transformers is the latest game from Rovio is inspired from the movie Transformers. In this game turns into a robot bird character in Angry Birds style. You will not find a catapult or 3 opponents battle 3 as in the previous series, but you will find the latest form of Angry Birds are cool. Here you have to run and shoot the evil pigs charming your friends. Agility and shot accuracy is needed here. 

 More exciting because you can change to the shape of the car. You can change at any time or when needed as to avoid debris in order to run faster changes to the shape of the car. Angry Birds party role as Autobot, while the deficient pigs act as a Decepticon. Angry Bird Shape resembles the Autobot but does not eliminate the Angry Birds. Forms such as Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and the other is a very nice and similar. 

 You can upgrade your character and weapons. Upgrade is urgently needed because the longer the enemy is getting stronger and not easily destroyed. Angry Birds Transformers is indeed free and developers rely on in-app purchases, so there are special weapons that you can use but must be a way to buy. Price weapon vary, depending on the prowess. 

 Angry Birds Transformers has a very nice chart, therefore, natural that this game requires a large space. To be able to play it on your android, then the clothes should provide a space of 129 MB. The magnitude of the size of the game is comparable with results that will get when playing this game.

Minimum Android: android 4.0 or higher. 


Download Battle Alert - War of Tanks Android Apk

Download Battle Alert - War of Tanks Android Apk
 Download Battle Alert - War of Tanks Android Apk - Play games RTS (Real Time Strategy) is very exciting because there we can hone our thinking with strategy and real time. As you know that RTS games are the games that are popular today. One of the latest RTS game is the Battle Alert: War of Tanks. Empire Game Studio as a developer trying to compete with other games with concepts and excellent graphics. This game is packed with so fascinating. 

 Battle Alert: War of Tanks is a modern war game with RTS systems. In this game you have to make a defense base, such as making the city. You must make defense weapons and troops. Defensive weapons are very useful to protect your base from enemy attack. While you can use force to defend and attack. The core of this game you have to make the base as possible and set the strategy for the attack, similar to the Base Busters, but the concept is much better and more real this game. 

 More exciting with the support of elite troops and military vehicles of war. Shades of the modern era was very thick here. There are planes, tanks and others that you can find here. Troops and the attack is evident coupled with appropriate voice and distinctive musical warfare. Strategies in regulating base and assault is needed to be the strongest and greatest. 

 Features embedded multiplayer games further add to the excitement of Battle Alert: War of Tanks. You can attack another player's base and seize their resources. You can choose your opponent in the folder. There are many enemies that you can attack and of course with different difficulty levels. If you want to know the thrill of this game, take a look at the video below.


Android minimum: android 2.3 or higher.