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New Android Games 2014 Most Popular

 New Android Games 2014 Most Popular - Android is getting flooded with new games and applications in the 2014's. Android users in the world is increasing so many new developers are popping up as well. There have been many games and applications released and not a few who reap success. The developer is currently in a race to make android games because the market share is promising. The number of new games that are present naturally makes you confused with what a good game. If you want to download games for android confused good, then I will give you several options of popular games that may be suitable for you. Here is a new android games 2014 most popular: 

 1. Left 4 Dead 2 
New Android Games 2014 Most Popular
 Of zombie-themed games and have a very nice graphics. For those of you who have ever played this game on the PC, now is the time you play Left 4 Dead 2 on your android because in 2014 the game is also present in the mobile.

 Download Left 4 Dead 2

 2. Kritika: Chaos Unleashed 
New Android Games 2014 Most Popular
 Cool RPG game and are able to make you feel at home playing it. A wide variety of weapons with a unique shape and also have tremendous power has been prepared for you all. Adventure will you experience here. The effect is breathtaking attack so much love with this game. Suitable for you who like adventure and battle games.

 Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed 

 3. Racing Tank 2 
New Android Games 2014
 After the success of the first Racing Tank, Racing Tank 2 now comes with new features and a more exciting race. Experience the race by using a tank that you can never forget just like that. Free to do what is important is not to come out of the lane. Suitable for you who want a taste of a different race. 

Download Racing Tank 2 

 4. Transformers: Age of Extinction
New Android Games 2014
 Did you see the latest Transformers movie? Along with the emergence of the latest Trnsformer movie, there are also games for android Transformer with the same title as the movie, namely Transformers: Age of Extinction. This is run game but different from a run game in general. Here you can carry out attacks against the enemy in front of you, as well as the enemy, the enemy can also launch an attack against you. Various kinds of robots can you select.

 Download Transformers: Age of Extinction 

 5. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience 
New Android Games 2014
 This is a racing game that has graphics like real high so the race. Experience driving a luxury car at high speed like in a real race track. Many licensed cars are ready to accompany you in the arena. Note the speed and racing. Speed ​​you are very influential in controlling the car.

 Download GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

 6. The Maze Runner 
New Android Games 2014
 Run Games of innovation and challenge. Terinovasi of a film with the same title. Tells the story of a bunch of young men who are trapped in an endless maze. You are required out of the maze as quickly as possible to avoid pursuit by horrible monsters. There were tense scenes that certainly adds to the excitement of this game.

 Download The Maze Runner

 7. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 
New Android Games
 Most popular football games across all platforms. Quality football games and have a friendly look. Suitable for you who love the game of football. There is a new feature in this series and will definitely make you addicted and do not want to be separated from your android phone.

 Download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 

 8. Metal Slug Defense 
New Android Games
 The latest from the Metal Slug games are different from the previous series. Here you do not run the character for the adventure, but you will be invited regulate defense strategy. Character and a typical Metal Slug is not removed, only the series is the theme of the defense strategy. For lovers of Metal Slug, you should try this game.

 Download Metal Slug Defense 

 9. Spider-Man: Ultimate Power 
New Android Games
 The most popular superhero game. Many of the children who want to be like Spider-Man. For those of you who want to experience the beauty of becoming Spider-Man, play Spider-Man: Ultimate Power in smrtphone you. Adventure against criminals will you experience here. Support a good enough graphics make this game suitable for anybody.

 Download Spider-Man: Ultimate Power 

 10. Angry Birds Epic 
New Android Games
 Epic series is different from the previous series. You will not find a catapult here. The latest genre that brought the lovers try to offer to the game Angry Bird. Although birds are not much different character but possessed different strengths. The latest Angry Bird game you have to try.

 Download Angry Birds Epic
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