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Free Download X-Fighting Android | Exciting Online Battle

Free Download X-Fighting Android | Exciting Online Battle
 Free Download X-Fighting Android | Exciting Online Battle - Feel the sensation of single combat against players from all over the world in the X-Fighting. Many skills with a variety of items that could help the character. Online gaming is not dead and likely inspired from an animated film called Fairy Tail. There is a main character and also there is an additional character. Basic skills to determine a suitable weapon used. Join the guild or guild make your own with friends and follow existing tournaments. Select your main character and develop into the best hero. Level is not a measure of victory. 

 X-Fighting is an online fighting game with a unique character and abilities are cool. At the beginning of the game you are given the option of logging in through facebook ata existing email on your android. After that you have to choose one of the characters that have been provided. Masimng Each character has different abilities basis, there are swords, spears and others. There will be a tutorial how to play the game so you are not confused. 

 There are also missions and adventures. The mission is on the menu when you menyelesaiakan Assitant this mission you will get a prize. Sebeleum play against another player should you get into adventure mode to defeat any enemy. There are many levels with different number of stages in each level. When you lose try to change your skill use. 

Free Download X-Fighting Android

 Item and Skill 

 Items can you get in many places, there are in the arena, adventure and cooperation. Feed all the items here so randomly between players with each other but not the same for the weapons of the character must be. There are also items that you can develop a character as the main character. The characters are usually obtained here is different from the character in the beginning and usually animated characters are like Rorona Zoro (One Piece), Sasuke (Naruto) and others. Skill can you get every level you go up. Skill is also randomized so that the skills acquired from another player with a different one despite being in the same level. 


 Arena battles only open at a certain level. And also you can later update its enemies if you've defeated all the enemies. At the beginning of his very easy because no one uses the skill and level 10, but a struggle just to test the capabilities of your hero there after that because the enemy has been using the skills and different levels. If you want to fight with other players you can try it out through existing global chat. But usually their levels are already high. 

Free Download X-Fighting


 Arise guild or join another guild premises to join the tournament organized. The thrill of playing with friends can help each other for help and can attest to the ability of a hero. You can also chat with your friends Gulid. The fight between these gulid very exciting. When the first friend you will lose the battle then followed another friend until the end. 


 You can make friends with other players by means of an add. Which mengunutungkan of this friendship, you can compete with them and you a hero they can also help you in the adventurous. If you lose then later hero friend can help, but first they must set up who will help. These features are due to open at a certain level of adventure increasingly difficult if not assisted. 


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