Saturday, 11 October 2014

Free Download Game Iron Desert for Android

Free Download Game Iron Desert for Android
 Free Download Game Iron Desert for Android - Iron Desert is a modern-day game of war strategy. Combat vehicles with advanced equipment ready to invite you to demolish another city. Strengthen the defense is also not easily penetrated by the other players. Fighting between the vehicles with weapons packed with very good defense. Thump of gunfire and rocket was capable of burning passion in my heart. Enjoy the excitement at war in the modern era. 

 Iron Desert also includes online games so you can interact with other players. You can chat and create a clan. There is a singleplayer mode and mutiplayer modes. Enemies in singleplayer mode has been set by the server and fixed so that all players possess the same enemy. Unlike the multiplayer mode, the players of the other players is not the same enemy. Mulplyaer mode is expected to attract the attention of smartphone users. 

Free Download Game Iron Desert

 This game reminds us of the online games that are popular today, namely Clah of Clans. Many industries are trying to defeat the COCs fame with a different theme, one of which is Iron Desert. Although this game there Yanga said imitating COC but this game has its own advantages which are not owned by the COC. Modern-warfare theme that carried very initiative, let alone have a very good graphics that make eyes uncomfortable. 

Download Game Iron Desert

 Upgrading a vehicle that has greater strength and not easily destroyed. Level is not everything because this is a game of defense and attack strategies. Iron Desert have a large enough size so natural that it looks very nice and friendly. There is a tutorial at the beginning of the game about how to run this game in your android. 


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