Friday, 24 October 2014

Free Download Captain Strike Android

Free Download Captain Strike Android
 Free Download Captain Strike Android - Aim the target with the right and drop shots. Kill every enemy in sight with your favorite weapon. Captain Strike, challenging you guys who like to shoot game. Games that you can play on your android with easy controls. Quality and the challenges the game. Compete with millions of players worldwide. Upgrade weapons for better results. 

 Discover the thrill of playing the game on Captain Strike TPS. There are three modes that you can choose as well as 25 levels which you must live. 9 Maps with multiple locations, unique and interesting to explore. Many of these actions that you undertake. If you want to become more powerful, weapons and character upgrades. 

Free Download Captain Strike

 Captain Strike In this game, control the character more easily so you have no difficulty in running this game. In addition, you will tersa shooting easier because of the system such as magnetic locking target. The aiming system is weak magnet so that when you move too many missed shots and the target can not be locked properly. 

Download Captain Strike

 With the support is so good graphics, gaming TPS (Third Person Shooter) and made ​​eligible to play your favorite games. Multiplayer features presented supplemental value of this game, so Captain Strike is not inferior to any other android games. 

 Minimum Android: android 3.0 or higher. 


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