Friday, 24 October 2014

Free Download Alien Creeps TD Android Apk

Free Download Alien Creeps TD Android Apk
 Free Download Alien Creeps TD Android Apk - What would you do if aliens come fatherly hordes attacking the earth? Certainly not against them? Alien Creeps TD tells the story of an alien who wants to rule the earth. They are very intense and not easy to fall. You have to build defense towers so that they do not qualify and are not earth shattering bia. Only you are able to eradicate the aliens on this earth. 

 Alien Creeps TD is a tower defense strategy game from Outplay Entertainment Ltd. In this game you have to build defense weapons to kill enemies through. When the aliens pass defense weapon it is automatically going to shoot them. The location of the weapon and the time is very influential on the game. So you must be clever in arranging space and time. 

Free Download Alien Creeps TD Android

 This game is not much different from other tower defense games such as Empires of Sand and others. But what makes this game different from others is the graphics and the theme. Alien is an enemy that must be faced, would require sophisticated arms to be able to defeat it. Here tower defense in the form of sophisticated weapons that are packed with extremely cool. You can see from the screenshot how cool the weapons.

Free Download Alien Creeps TD

 If you are looking for a good tower defense game with stunning graphics, please download Alien Creeps TD. Strategy game that will make you not aware of the length of time you play or forgotten. Many unique enemies and cool that you can destroy. Reinforcements were also prepared for you when you need it. 

 Minimum Android: Android 4.0 or higher. 


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