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Download RAM Manager Free | Apps Magnifying RAM

Download RAM Manager Free | Apps Magnifying RAM
 Download RAM Manager Free | Apps Magnifying RAM - Currently, android smartphone should have a large RAM because it has many applications and requires no small RAM. Now many insdutri phones already thought about it, but sometimes it is less for lovers of games and applications. Because many are complaining about the RAM, the developers compete to create an application that is able to enlarge the RAM. RAM Manager Free, this is a very useful application for which you want to add RAM memory. So you do not have to worry about the problem of RAM. 

 RAM Manager Free application has several features, but the main function is to increase the RAM. This advanced application works by taking your memory. If the settings on your primary storage Internal, the internal memory you will be reduced, but if you major in external storage (SD card) then you will decrease external memory. Reduced memory depends on how esar RAM you need. If you choose the 512 MB ​​of memory then you are also reduced to 512 MB. Seeing this, I suggest to you the main settings on the external Sd Card and you better have a good quality. 

 Before downloading this application, make sure you've rooted smartphones that can run applications. If your cell phone has not yet root, root please look for a tutorial or could use Framaroot applications. For how to use Framaroot, please read my article titled Free Download Framaroot | Root Android Easly and Quickly

Download RAM Manager Free

 By increasing the RAM to RAM Manager Free: 
  1. Download RAM Manager. 
  2. Open Application (A message from Superuser / SuperSU, depending on the root of you. Choose Allow). 
  3. Select the Extra. 
  4. Choose File Swap.
  5. Set storage and how much RAM you want to add. 
  6. Confirm. 
  7. Tick the box set on boot under. 
  8. Click the Options menu, select Hard Multitasking to play a big game in order to smoothly. 
  9. Out of smartphone applications and restat.

 If it works then in main storage will be a new file named Swap File. If you want to replace the addition of RAM, such as elevated or lowered then delete it first Swap File of storage because otherwise it will accumulate. 


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