Friday, 31 October 2014

Download Armored Off-Road Racing Android Free

Download Armored Off-Road Racing Android Free
 Download Armored Off-Road Racing Android Free - You mentally prepared to try the game very challenging and full of obstacles, namely Armored Off-Road Racing. Winding and uneven streets is a challenge and there is no death. Excitement in every race is different, let alone supported with great graphics and an enemy who does not want to give up. More exciting with the presence of enemy resistance that is able to shoot and could interfere with the vehicle speed. 

 Armored Off-Road Racing is a racing game in which the track is wild like a desert. You will not find a smooth road as there is in the game Real Racing 3, so the game is different from the others. Although different, this game is very exciting, especially among racers are allowed to shoot to slow. Each car is equipped with a weapon, but the ammunition is limited, so you must be wise in using that shot you was not in vain. 

 There are 4 cool car provided here, you probably thought it was a small amount and do not like the number of cars in GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience, but I think that's enough for the quality of this game is very good. In addition, the look of the game is very friendly so you can focus on the race. There are maps, speedometer, brakes, steering gas and many more features that are shown that function to know what you were racing information live. 

 If you want to experience android themed game about racing cars on the track are unusual, Armored Off-Road Racing is the answer. You will feel the pleasure of racing off-road filled with challenges and pleasures. 

 Android minimum: Android 2.3.3 or higher. 

Download Armored Off-Road Racing Android

Download Armored Off-Road Racing


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Free Download Dragons and Titans for Android | Cool MOBA Games

Free Download Dragons and Titans for Android | Cool MOBA Games
 Free Download Dragons and Titans for Android | Cool MOBA Games - Dragon is a phenomenal animal. About right or not about the Dragon, can not be ascertained because so far we have only presented with pictures, movies and even games that are themed on the dragon. Dragons that were there different forms, there is nothing like a snake and some form of animal that can fly. Regardless of the shape and the presence or absence, in fact many who like the dragon character. For those of you who like the dragon, there are android themed game about dragon, the Dragon and Titan. Games that should you try. 

Free Download Dragons and Titans for Android

 Dragons and Titans are cool MOBA games. In this game you will run great dragon character and has tremendous power. Dragons in this game have wings and can fly freely into space. The dragon form is also cool and different. Each dragon has three basic capabilities that could be great. In addition to three basic skills, there is also a system of runes, speel, and the weapon so that adds to the excitement of this game. 

Free Download Dragons and Titans

 This game including online games that require an internet connection for can play as in the game Base Busters and Iron Desert. Although this android game requires an internet connection but the game is not a lot of data so that the data charges when you spend playing is not much. In addition to being wasteful, Dragons and Titans you can download it for free because this game including freemium games. 

 Minimum Android: 2.3.3 or higher. 


Monday, 27 October 2014

Download The Sims Free Play Android Free

Download The Sims Free Play Android Free
 Download The Sims Free Play Android Free - One is the famous simulation game The Sims. Games from EA are very much demand, and now EA menghadirkanya in android with the title The Sims Free Play. Free games that you can play with as you. Everything in life you want you can make happen here. Create your town alone with your greatest imagination. Everything depends on you. 

Download The Sims Free Play Android

 The Sims Free Play is sumulasi of EA games that can be played on android for free. In this game you can build what you dream of in the real world, but all the existing rules. You can build a house with your own design. In addition to building its own your town, you can also establish a relationship between Sims, like courtship. 

Download The Sims Free Play

 You can create more than one Sims. At the beginning of the game you are only given one Sims with some capital and shopping stores. You can start buying sims needed from you, such as eating, drinking, toilets, houses, furniture and others. Sims like people in general, he needs food and shelter to survive and socialize. Run sims like humans. 

Minimum Android: android 2.3 or higher. 


Friday, 24 October 2014

Free Download Captain Strike Android

Free Download Captain Strike Android
 Free Download Captain Strike Android - Aim the target with the right and drop shots. Kill every enemy in sight with your favorite weapon. Captain Strike, challenging you guys who like to shoot game. Games that you can play on your android with easy controls. Quality and the challenges the game. Compete with millions of players worldwide. Upgrade weapons for better results. 

 Discover the thrill of playing the game on Captain Strike TPS. There are three modes that you can choose as well as 25 levels which you must live. 9 Maps with multiple locations, unique and interesting to explore. Many of these actions that you undertake. If you want to become more powerful, weapons and character upgrades. 

Free Download Captain Strike

 Captain Strike In this game, control the character more easily so you have no difficulty in running this game. In addition, you will tersa shooting easier because of the system such as magnetic locking target. The aiming system is weak magnet so that when you move too many missed shots and the target can not be locked properly. 

Download Captain Strike

 With the support is so good graphics, gaming TPS (Third Person Shooter) and made ​​eligible to play your favorite games. Multiplayer features presented supplemental value of this game, so Captain Strike is not inferior to any other android games. 

 Minimum Android: android 3.0 or higher. 


Free Download Alien Creeps TD Android Apk

Free Download Alien Creeps TD Android Apk
 Free Download Alien Creeps TD Android Apk - What would you do if aliens come fatherly hordes attacking the earth? Certainly not against them? Alien Creeps TD tells the story of an alien who wants to rule the earth. They are very intense and not easy to fall. You have to build defense towers so that they do not qualify and are not earth shattering bia. Only you are able to eradicate the aliens on this earth. 

 Alien Creeps TD is a tower defense strategy game from Outplay Entertainment Ltd. In this game you have to build defense weapons to kill enemies through. When the aliens pass defense weapon it is automatically going to shoot them. The location of the weapon and the time is very influential on the game. So you must be clever in arranging space and time. 

Free Download Alien Creeps TD Android

 This game is not much different from other tower defense games such as Empires of Sand and others. But what makes this game different from others is the graphics and the theme. Alien is an enemy that must be faced, would require sophisticated arms to be able to defeat it. Here tower defense in the form of sophisticated weapons that are packed with extremely cool. You can see from the screenshot how cool the weapons.

Free Download Alien Creeps TD

 If you are looking for a good tower defense game with stunning graphics, please download Alien Creeps TD. Strategy game that will make you not aware of the length of time you play or forgotten. Many unique enemies and cool that you can destroy. Reinforcements were also prepared for you when you need it. 

 Minimum Android: Android 4.0 or higher. 


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New Android Games 2014 Most Popular

 New Android Games 2014 Most Popular - Android is getting flooded with new games and applications in the 2014's. Android users in the world is increasing so many new developers are popping up as well. There have been many games and applications released and not a few who reap success. The developer is currently in a race to make android games because the market share is promising. The number of new games that are present naturally makes you confused with what a good game. If you want to download games for android confused good, then I will give you several options of popular games that may be suitable for you. Here is a new android games 2014 most popular: 

 1. Left 4 Dead 2 
New Android Games 2014 Most Popular
 Of zombie-themed games and have a very nice graphics. For those of you who have ever played this game on the PC, now is the time you play Left 4 Dead 2 on your android because in 2014 the game is also present in the mobile.

 Download Left 4 Dead 2

 2. Kritika: Chaos Unleashed 
New Android Games 2014 Most Popular
 Cool RPG game and are able to make you feel at home playing it. A wide variety of weapons with a unique shape and also have tremendous power has been prepared for you all. Adventure will you experience here. The effect is breathtaking attack so much love with this game. Suitable for you who like adventure and battle games.

 Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed 

 3. Racing Tank 2 
New Android Games 2014
 After the success of the first Racing Tank, Racing Tank 2 now comes with new features and a more exciting race. Experience the race by using a tank that you can never forget just like that. Free to do what is important is not to come out of the lane. Suitable for you who want a taste of a different race. 

Download Racing Tank 2 

 4. Transformers: Age of Extinction
New Android Games 2014
 Did you see the latest Transformers movie? Along with the emergence of the latest Trnsformer movie, there are also games for android Transformer with the same title as the movie, namely Transformers: Age of Extinction. This is run game but different from a run game in general. Here you can carry out attacks against the enemy in front of you, as well as the enemy, the enemy can also launch an attack against you. Various kinds of robots can you select.

 Download Transformers: Age of Extinction 

 5. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience 
New Android Games 2014
 This is a racing game that has graphics like real high so the race. Experience driving a luxury car at high speed like in a real race track. Many licensed cars are ready to accompany you in the arena. Note the speed and racing. Speed ​​you are very influential in controlling the car.

 Download GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

 6. The Maze Runner 
New Android Games 2014
 Run Games of innovation and challenge. Terinovasi of a film with the same title. Tells the story of a bunch of young men who are trapped in an endless maze. You are required out of the maze as quickly as possible to avoid pursuit by horrible monsters. There were tense scenes that certainly adds to the excitement of this game.

 Download The Maze Runner

 7. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 
New Android Games
 Most popular football games across all platforms. Quality football games and have a friendly look. Suitable for you who love the game of football. There is a new feature in this series and will definitely make you addicted and do not want to be separated from your android phone.

 Download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 

 8. Metal Slug Defense 
New Android Games
 The latest from the Metal Slug games are different from the previous series. Here you do not run the character for the adventure, but you will be invited regulate defense strategy. Character and a typical Metal Slug is not removed, only the series is the theme of the defense strategy. For lovers of Metal Slug, you should try this game.

 Download Metal Slug Defense 

 9. Spider-Man: Ultimate Power 
New Android Games
 The most popular superhero game. Many of the children who want to be like Spider-Man. For those of you who want to experience the beauty of becoming Spider-Man, play Spider-Man: Ultimate Power in smrtphone you. Adventure against criminals will you experience here. Support a good enough graphics make this game suitable for anybody.

 Download Spider-Man: Ultimate Power 

 10. Angry Birds Epic 
New Android Games
 Epic series is different from the previous series. You will not find a catapult here. The latest genre that brought the lovers try to offer to the game Angry Bird. Although birds are not much different character but possessed different strengths. The latest Angry Bird game you have to try.

 Download Angry Birds Epic

Monday, 20 October 2014

Download Dead Earth: Sci-fi FPS Shooter Android Apk

Download Dead Earth: Sci-fi FPS Shooter Android Apk
 Download Dead Earth: Sci-fi FPS Shooter Android Apk - Latest FPS games fun and exciting, Dead Earth: Sci-Fi FPS Shooter. Games that will make you amazed with what was offered. Tells the story of a robot who wants to rule the earth. Intends to make the robot army to save mankind, but the result is the opposite. Here you are acting as the elite troops who wants to save the world from the threat of the robot. It is a battle against a robot that is not easy. Powerful weapon they have is the difficulty that you are facing. 

Download Dead Earth: Sci-fi FPS Shooter Android

 Dead Earth: Sci-Fi Shooter FPS takes place so that the urban feel of the fight very dramatically and exciting. Every shot is very significant, for it's use as well as possible. There are 10 powerful weapons and cool that you can use in the battle against the robots. Only you are able to save the earth from destruction, and that people still live in peace on this earth. 

Download Dead Earth: Sci-fi FPS Shooter

 Stunning graphics and exciting storyline offered by ThunderBull try through the game Dead Earth: Sci-Fi FPS Shooter. Epic battle will you experience here. Although this new game, the game is not inferior to other shooting games like Counter Strike 1.6, Modern Combat 5: The Blackout and others. Immediate download Dead Earth: Sci-Fi FPS Shooter and play in your android, free. 


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Download GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience Android

Download GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience Android
 Download GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience Android - If you are looking racing game for android, in Gobel Play there are many. Various types of racing games I have given, but if you want the best looking racing game, you can read my article titled 5 Best Racing Games for Android. If you want a free racing game, you can download Asphalt Overdrive, but if you want a realistic racing game, you can download Real Racing 3. Speaking realistic racing game, Real Racing 3 now possess rivals, namely GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience. Games from Gameloft that have great qualities. 

 GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience is a realistic racing game and qualified. Experience driving a car with real and will not be forgotten here. Various kinds of car provided you are ready to enjoy the thrill of driving at high speed. Various brands with various forms and will accompany you to win every race officially scheduled. Collection of all the cars that are here, there are about 71 licensed cars that you can choose to be a race car guys. Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Audi and others wait for you to take action together. Through every mission that comes with the favorite car. 

Download GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

 Official racing rules apply here so you are not free to do anything like in games Table Top Racing and Need for Speed​​. It's official race and realistically, you have to comply with existing regulations. Crowded audience vote of encouragement for you as you make a true racer that is ready to face all odds. 

 Do not think if the game GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience is no challenge. With quality graphics, everything is as real. Your driving skills severely tested. Gas and brake very sensitive so it affects the speed you want. Be careful when turning, if you turn too sharp will make your car out of control and of sangta harm you. 

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

 GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience gives satisfaction to you who thirst for the real race. High quality racing game with cool features. The sound effects of the car and so dazzling that makes anyone who does not easily get bored playing it. 


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Free Download Base Busters Android Apk

Free Download Base Busters Android Apk
 Free Download Base Busters Android Apk - Tank is a combat vehicle to be possessed by every state. Tank is only used to fight, so rarely do we see the action of the tank. Now you can see the action of tanks even run it in an android game called Base Busters. This game was released in 2014 that includes a new game and enter in the category strategy. You need a tactic to defeat the enemies and complete the mission intense. Packed with excellent, Base Busters is ready to invite you in the thrill of battle tanks filled with explosions and gunfire. 

Free Download Base Busters Android

 Complete any given mission. Many missions are presented with different difficulty levels. Lead your tanks to topple every enemy there. Use missiles and the other to destroy their region. The enemy will not stop just because you have weapons and a strong army. Destroy as you crush the beans with your teeth. 

Free Download Base Busters

 Play alone or invite your park to play Base Busters. Help each other to bring down the enemy one by one. The internet connection is required to cooperate with your friends. Make sure the connection is smooth without any obstacles. Set your base with a strong defense that are not easily penetrated. Upgrading what you have to become more resilient and not easily uprooted. 


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Download RAM Manager Free | Apps Magnifying RAM

Download RAM Manager Free | Apps Magnifying RAM
 Download RAM Manager Free | Apps Magnifying RAM - Currently, android smartphone should have a large RAM because it has many applications and requires no small RAM. Now many insdutri phones already thought about it, but sometimes it is less for lovers of games and applications. Because many are complaining about the RAM, the developers compete to create an application that is able to enlarge the RAM. RAM Manager Free, this is a very useful application for which you want to add RAM memory. So you do not have to worry about the problem of RAM. 

 RAM Manager Free application has several features, but the main function is to increase the RAM. This advanced application works by taking your memory. If the settings on your primary storage Internal, the internal memory you will be reduced, but if you major in external storage (SD card) then you will decrease external memory. Reduced memory depends on how esar RAM you need. If you choose the 512 MB ​​of memory then you are also reduced to 512 MB. Seeing this, I suggest to you the main settings on the external Sd Card and you better have a good quality. 

 Before downloading this application, make sure you've rooted smartphones that can run applications. If your cell phone has not yet root, root please look for a tutorial or could use Framaroot applications. For how to use Framaroot, please read my article titled Free Download Framaroot | Root Android Easly and Quickly

Download RAM Manager Free

 By increasing the RAM to RAM Manager Free: 
  1. Download RAM Manager. 
  2. Open Application (A message from Superuser / SuperSU, depending on the root of you. Choose Allow). 
  3. Select the Extra. 
  4. Choose File Swap.
  5. Set storage and how much RAM you want to add. 
  6. Confirm. 
  7. Tick the box set on boot under. 
  8. Click the Options menu, select Hard Multitasking to play a big game in order to smoothly. 
  9. Out of smartphone applications and restat.

 If it works then in main storage will be a new file named Swap File. If you want to replace the addition of RAM, such as elevated or lowered then delete it first Swap File of storage because otherwise it will accumulate. 


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Free Download Game Iron Desert for Android

Free Download Game Iron Desert for Android
 Free Download Game Iron Desert for Android - Iron Desert is a modern-day game of war strategy. Combat vehicles with advanced equipment ready to invite you to demolish another city. Strengthen the defense is also not easily penetrated by the other players. Fighting between the vehicles with weapons packed with very good defense. Thump of gunfire and rocket was capable of burning passion in my heart. Enjoy the excitement at war in the modern era. 

 Iron Desert also includes online games so you can interact with other players. You can chat and create a clan. There is a singleplayer mode and mutiplayer modes. Enemies in singleplayer mode has been set by the server and fixed so that all players possess the same enemy. Unlike the multiplayer mode, the players of the other players is not the same enemy. Mulplyaer mode is expected to attract the attention of smartphone users. 

Free Download Game Iron Desert

 This game reminds us of the online games that are popular today, namely Clah of Clans. Many industries are trying to defeat the COCs fame with a different theme, one of which is Iron Desert. Although this game there Yanga said imitating COC but this game has its own advantages which are not owned by the COC. Modern-warfare theme that carried very initiative, let alone have a very good graphics that make eyes uncomfortable. 

Download Game Iron Desert

 Upgrading a vehicle that has greater strength and not easily destroyed. Level is not everything because this is a game of defense and attack strategies. Iron Desert have a large enough size so natural that it looks very nice and friendly. There is a tutorial at the beginning of the game about how to run this game in your android. 


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Free Download Pool Live Tour Android Apk

Free Download Pool Live Tour Android Apk
 Free Download Pool Live Tour Android Apk - Pool Live Tour is a real online billiard games. High quality graphics and easy controls ready to invite you to have fun with other players from around the world. Find your opponent quickly in the menu Play Win. Good connections facilitate you in your search and also games. Time to prove your ability to shoot the ball in the right manner. If you are still a beginner and unsure of your ability, you can choose the offline mode. Hone your skills there. 

 The gameplay is highly anticipated by lovers of billiards are games like Pool Live Tour, because this game has great graphics with dynamic tamplian and not boring. Online feature is a feature that is preferred because it gives the player can interact between each other and fighting skills. Various kinds of stick with the advantages of each are very helpful in the game. 

Free Download Pool Live Tour Android

 Your level is not everything because the winner can not be measured by the level. Factor of skill and luck that can prove that you are a master billiards. Choose the best stick in a way to buy the coin outcome of the game. Stick it to support your game in the face of other players. High level players usually use a stick that is also qualified to be a shot on target as desired. 

Free Download Pool Live Tour

 Do not miss this cool game. As a true android users not complete if no download games are quality and cheap. Free games for android so much, there are ordinary and extraordinary. One of the outstanding Pool Live Tour. Amazing experience that will never be forgotten here. 


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

5 Best Racing Games for Android Version Gobel Play

 5 Best Racing Games for Android Version Gobel Play - Racing game is not dead. Various innovations in the genre poured this one because the game is not devoid of interest. There are themed police, illegal racing and racing official. Has a lot of racing games created by developers with various interesting features of ordinary quality to high quality. Among the many racing games for android of course there are some of the best. On this occasion I will tell you 5 best racing games for android.

1 Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted 

5 Best Racing Games for Android Version Gobel Play

   NFS Most Wanted is the legendary racing game that many devotees. The high-quality games because possess a very good graphics. The visual effect was stunning. The sound of a race engine that makes the adrenaline up and ready to go with full speed. There are features of your favorite car upgrades that can be increased to the maximum. There are many cool car racing ready. berhati0hatilah with police who are always chasing and stalking you, avoid the police or just hit it.

Download Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted 

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne 

5 Best Racing Games for Android Version Gobel Play

    Exciting racing action game with stunning. Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 7 is different because here not only racing, but also much-needed action. You can play in single player mode with multiple sessions. Each session in this 8 game Asphalt Asphalt series represents prior. Details clearer picture, looks beautiful buildings along the way. This is the innovation of the racing game. The mixture of action and racing fit.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne 

3. Table Top Racing 

5 Best Racing Games for Android

    Racing games because of the very unil not on the road racing arena or a ekxtrime but inside the house. Racing is done on the table so you will see the knife, plate, spoon and other dengna large size. The car is used for racing toy cars and the thrill of the car can be issued weapons such as bombs and other rokt. The shape is very unique car though not luxurious. The controls are easy and the graphics are good enough to make this game worth unutuk best used.

Download Table Top Racing

4. Real Racing 3

5 Best Racing Games for Android

    This is true because the racing game done in a special race track. Luxury vehicles and quickly ready to invite you to enjoy the thrill of driving at high speed. The graphics are very nice, the detail is stunning environment as if you bring in a real race. Will not be disappointed if you play this game you da Ensure your possess large space to play.

Download Real Racing 3

5. Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed

5 Best Racing Games

    Unique racing game with cute characters and vehicles and cool. In contrast to the above racing game, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed in the adaptation of the cartoon characters. Each character has their own car with different abilities from each other. in this game you are free to do anything you want that is important you can win. You must destroy your opponent in any way.

 Download Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed 

 That's 5 best racing games for android version Gobel Play that you can select. Each game has different advantages so different experince you will also find on every game. Prepare a large space before you download the game because of the high quality graphics requires large space.

Thor: TDW - The Official Game Android Free Download

Thor: TDW - The Official Game Android Free Download
 Thor: TDW - The Official Game Android Free Download - What do you remember the first time when they hear the word superhero hammer? That's right, Thor. Thor is a superhero who possess weapons of great and powerful hammer. If you've seen the movie Thor: The Dark World, you would understand the power of gavel. For those of you who like the superhero, now you can be like in Thor: TDW - The Official Game. This superhero game you can play on your android for free, but first make sure you large storage space, that is 1.6 GB. 

 Thor: TDW - The Official Game is a RPG game that was released in the year 2014 with a very good graphics. This game tells the story of the struggle of the god of thunder in Thor save the world. Malekith, the Dark Elf prince and mortal enemy wants to destroy the nine worlds of Asgard. Only Thor is able to prevent it all together his best soldiers. Defeat the enemies that confront, fight valiantly with epic action with the best fighter of Asgard. 

Thor: TDW - The Official Game Android Free

 You can hone your ability or skill to improve. You can increase the ability of the hammer, as well as zirah for Thor. The longer the enemy is getting stronger so that you complete the exercise and also a great reinforcements. You can call the 7 types of Einherjar. Do not underestimate the ability of your friend was regarded, nominally be issued as terleportasi and healing abilities. These capabilities are needed in large battles. Remove the most powerful jutsu also owned Thor, specify the skills that will be enhanced and will be used in combat. 

Thor: TDW - The Official Game Android

 Complete every mission for every mission possess a calm purpose. Obstacles and barriers for each mission is different so it is very exciting and not boring. The enemy is not easy as you can imagine, they are smart and strong that it takes hard work to be able to defeat him. Compete to get the top spot in the weekly board fatherly get unique and interesting gifts.