Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Free Download SMS Bomb for Android

Free Download SMS Bomb for Android
 Free Download SMS Bomb for Android - Now times have advanced so many applications that have sprung up in android. There is a mandatory application, additional applications, and there are also applications for fun. There are also applications that are also helpful to us but harm others, namely SMS Bomb. This application can be fatal for the victim as much at once can send sms to number the destination within the stipulated time. The concept is the same as the application SMS Bomber that has been popular first.

 SMS Bomb is an application that can be used to send a lot of sms to one number in a specified period of time. The number of SMS can be set, as well as the interval between between the SMS one another. This application is useful for you who want to bully your friends. Such applications typically used for those who have been deceived when buying goods online from someone. Their usual attacking manner with sms cheater bombard number as much as possible.

 Do not misused SMS Bomb because if the destination number using only low hp series that can only accommodate a few SMS then that could make HP the victim error. To use this SMS Bomb application  wisely.


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