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Free Download Metal Slug Defense Android

Free Download Metal Slug Defense Android
 Free Download Metal Slug Defense Android -  Games defenseare usually synonymous with tower defense to repel the enemy coming. But what if the drive is not weapon? Have you ever imagine? Metal Slug Defense answer it all by presenting a new defense games and different from onther games. This series is different from the other Metal Slug series. Of course you curious about this game!

 Metal Slug Defense is strategy defense game . Here used to survive ie the force with different capabilities. Your mission is to guard againts the base you destroy by the enemy. The way you maintain it by making defenders. To make the necessary forces AP. Ap for each character is different., there are 40, 75 and aohetrs. The AP you get willautomatically go on and to be located in the lower left. You can make the troops when the AP has reached the target force. Example: AP reached 50, then you can make a soldier because the soulder only needa 40 AP.

Free Download Metal Slug Defense

 In Metal Slug Defense there are many areas with 5 stages for each area.  The era is very interesting, different area also different enemies encountered. Sa faced enemy variety, there are mummies, soldiers, giant prawns, zombies and more. Force you also diverse, there are bombs, rockets, lasers and more. But it is a special power takes time to recharge. When ready, the character will be colored blue.

 If you don't want to play in area, you can try the mission that has been provided. In this mission,  you play character that will be different than in the area, here isi great. There are many mission and you must complete one by one. Ifthe mission is not succesfull, then you will not be able to procced to the next mission. In addition, you can buy equipment war such as bombs, or buy new forces such as zombies, jet, tank and others. To buy new forces or new weapons require Medal. Medal is exactly what used to purchase in the Shop menu. This medal is not easy to get it so you have to use a possible. But if you want to buy the medal, you can click on the medal menu. Don't forget to increase the force because it is vey important. Not only forces are enhaced, others you must also increase.

Download Metal Slug Defense

 Name Character and Ability:
  • Soldier: This character has the ability to throw bombs that can be relied upon.
  • 1000000taro: This character has agreat martial arts ability to force the special issue in the power stance.
  • Sanbag: This character was ale to make defense for cover and slow down opponents.
  • Tarma: A reliable shooter to shoot the special traffic over high heat.
  • Marco: Sama as Tarma but his special ability is shotgun.
  • Eri: Gum lovers who can shoot lasers
  • Fio: Liki a sneeze but capable of firing rockets.

Over all this game is very exciting. Though only 2D, this game still have cool graphics to keep relying on typical Metal Slug. Metal Slug Defense can you download for free.


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