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Free Download Empires of Sand Android | Strategic Defense and Attack

Free Download Empires of Sand Android | Strategic Defense and Attack
 Free Download Empires of Sand Android | Strategic Defense and Attack - In android, a lot of online gaming enthusiasts, like Clash of Clans, Little Empire, Hay Day and many more. Recently there was an online game interesting to play the Empires of Sand. Online games that you should try as different from the others. Ancient Egyptian life is the concept that carried. The graphics are also pretty good and has a lot of arena battles. 

 Empires of Sand is an online game tower defense and attack. Besides the need to make defense strategy, you also need to set up the attack on your opponent. Strategies to build the tower defense and army building is needed in order to win the fight. Online games so you need time to make a building like archer towers, gold mine and others. In addition, you can also play against other players who are online. You can compete with their strategy. 

Free Download Empires of Sand Android

 Wake barrack and improved to be able to open the other characters. Characters in the game Empires of Sand is synonymous with Ancient Egypt such as spiders, mummies, scorpions, king and others. You can use these characters to attack the opponent's defense when barrack has been built then build troops one by one. You do not have to make one by one character before using it, you just need to make it once and it can be used on every fight. Features upgraded character makes this game worth a try. 

 When fighting, to build defense towers or troops need the money. You will be capitalized with an amount of money to build tower defense, defense and other money makers. Money you can see the upper right corner, and the money will continue to grow during the battle. Spend of the money to build towers or create troops, depending on your strategy. Each character has a different price, there are 60, 50 and no more than that. For that you must be good at managing money as well. To help your defense, there is a special power that you can use, one of which is a meteor shower. These capabilities can not you use repeatedly, each of you use it, take a few seconds to be able to use it again. 

Free Download Empires of Sand

 Not to be confused about how to run or play this game properly because at the beginning of the game there will be a tutorial. The tutorial is very easy to understand. But my message, do not get used to using gems, away, because it is worth it. Gems here you can use to upgrade your town or accelerate the time of manufacture. 

 Make sure your connection is good to be able to play Empires of Sand smoothly. Arrange a survival strategy and attack you with the best possible. Perhaps if viewed graph only looks normal, but keep in mind that this game takes place in the days of ancient Egypt that made ​​the game a classic. This game size is 70MB, so graphics and visual effects is unbelievably good. 


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