Monday, 29 September 2014

Download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Apk Android | Football Game

Download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Apk Android | Football Game
 Download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Apk Android | Football Game - Fifa 14 for android has been released for a long time to get a good appreciation of the lovers of football games in particular android smartphone users. The game could be considered a success because it was able to make the players happy and enjoy the game. Continuing the success, EA has released a new series, namely FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Perhaps you have been waiting for this series because the players have been updated and has several advantages compared to the previous. Feel the experience of playing football with a favorite team. 

 FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the popular soccer game that you can play on the android with impressive graphics. Requires a large space to be able to play it smoothly, which is 1.35 GB. Large size for game android. When space on your smartphone is not enough because a lot of games that have been installed, then delete the first games but previous backup first game with Super Tool Box 10+ application or can be moved to other android phones. Move using ShareIt just because it has the file transfer speed is very fast. 

Download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Apk Android

  As you already know that the quality of the game FIFA is not in doubt. Playing on the phone no less exciting to play on the Playstation or PC. The controls are easy with 4 action buttons and 1 button you simplify navigation in running this game. There are many players in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, about 10000 players and there are 500 licensed teams. So much is not it? Leading players with exceptional skill here like Lionel Messi, Hazard, Ibrahimovic and many more. In addition, there are 50 leagues and you can choose a wide variety of famous stadium that is familiar to you. 

Download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Apk

 Build your ultimate team with a lot of star players. But not easy to get the star players. They need to fight hard for them to enter your team. Just a way to win in every game and champions league, you can get the players you want. Each won the match and the champions league, you will earn money that you can later use to buy players. 


Friday, 26 September 2014

Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Android Apk

Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Android Apk
 Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Android Apk - Good cop is a cop who can catch criminals and do not want to accept bribes. There android game which requires that you be a street cop Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit. This game used to be played on the PC, PS and others, but now you can play this game in ponesl android. Your mission in this game is to capture the wild riders plaguing the society. You will be in the Arm with a great car to catch the criminals. 

  Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit is different from the other NFS games. If you are a regular in the other series portray a wild driver, here you portray law enforcement. Your mission is not only captures the wild riders but some riders wildly depending on your level. A wide variety of car brands with various speeds has been prepared for you. To be able to get another car, you have to buy it with money from the capture of the drivers. 

Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Android

Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

 Memorable experience became a street cop can you find in the game Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit is. Do not lose the wild riders but also do not underestimate them. Car at high speed is their vehicle as it navigates the streets. 

 Android minimum: Android 2.2 or higher. 


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Free Download Legend of Master Online Apk Game

Free Download Legend of Master Online Apk Game
 Free Download Legend of Master Online Apk Game - Android game recently released is the Legend of Master Online. Surely you want to know what the game from Gamevil this. If you ever played the game Kritika: Chaos Unleashed course you can already guess the thrill of online gaming. From the title alone is cool let alone the content. Right if you think this game is a RPG game with very nice graphics. Can fight with other players is very doable because there Multiplayer features. 

 Legend of Master Online is a very cool RPG game because it has great graphics and real-time network games. Effects of attacks and skills so fascinating that the skill of each character looks really great as if we want to have the ability to do that. Adventure against the evil monsters you can do in single player mode. Each stage has a boss that you must defeat. If you are able to complete the mission then you will get a good amount of money that you can later use for purposes of your hero. 

Free Download Legend of Master Online Apk

 There are some characters that you can choose to play. High level is not a measure of the strength hero because each character has 13 different abilities and can be upgraded up to level 10 hero Do not be afraid of higher level opponents. Expertise in running character is also very influential in the battle. 

 Play in multiplyaer mode in order to fight other heroes who are online. The form of a team of 3 people and against other teams totaling 3 anyway. Teamwork in this multilayer fight desperately needed to win pertempura PVP. In addition to fighting with other players, you can also create a team to fight against the monsters of colossal and get rare items. 

Free Download Legend of Master Online

 If you are interested in the game Legend of Mater Online, download it via the link below. Happy playing! 

 Android minimum: Android 4.3 or higher. 


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Free Download Empires of Sand Android | Strategic Defense and Attack

Free Download Empires of Sand Android | Strategic Defense and Attack
 Free Download Empires of Sand Android | Strategic Defense and Attack - In android, a lot of online gaming enthusiasts, like Clash of Clans, Little Empire, Hay Day and many more. Recently there was an online game interesting to play the Empires of Sand. Online games that you should try as different from the others. Ancient Egyptian life is the concept that carried. The graphics are also pretty good and has a lot of arena battles. 

 Empires of Sand is an online game tower defense and attack. Besides the need to make defense strategy, you also need to set up the attack on your opponent. Strategies to build the tower defense and army building is needed in order to win the fight. Online games so you need time to make a building like archer towers, gold mine and others. In addition, you can also play against other players who are online. You can compete with their strategy. 

Free Download Empires of Sand Android

 Wake barrack and improved to be able to open the other characters. Characters in the game Empires of Sand is synonymous with Ancient Egypt such as spiders, mummies, scorpions, king and others. You can use these characters to attack the opponent's defense when barrack has been built then build troops one by one. You do not have to make one by one character before using it, you just need to make it once and it can be used on every fight. Features upgraded character makes this game worth a try. 

 When fighting, to build defense towers or troops need the money. You will be capitalized with an amount of money to build tower defense, defense and other money makers. Money you can see the upper right corner, and the money will continue to grow during the battle. Spend of the money to build towers or create troops, depending on your strategy. Each character has a different price, there are 60, 50 and no more than that. For that you must be good at managing money as well. To help your defense, there is a special power that you can use, one of which is a meteor shower. These capabilities can not you use repeatedly, each of you use it, take a few seconds to be able to use it again. 

Free Download Empires of Sand

 Not to be confused about how to run or play this game properly because at the beginning of the game there will be a tutorial. The tutorial is very easy to understand. But my message, do not get used to using gems, away, because it is worth it. Gems here you can use to upgrade your town or accelerate the time of manufacture. 

 Make sure your connection is good to be able to play Empires of Sand smoothly. Arrange a survival strategy and attack you with the best possible. Perhaps if viewed graph only looks normal, but keep in mind that this game takes place in the days of ancient Egypt that made ​​the game a classic. This game size is 70MB, so graphics and visual effects is unbelievably good. 


Friday, 19 September 2014

Free Download Beach Buggy Racing Android Apk+ Data

Free Download Beach Buggy Racing Android Apk+ Data
 Free Download Beach Buggy Racing Android Apk+ Data - Beach Buggy Racing is a fun racing game you have to download. This game is different from other racing games because this game unique and interesting. You will not find a luxury car in this game is in games like Need for Speed ​​Shift. The cars here do not exist in the real world so it is worth a try. Various kinds extrime arena has been provided to test your abilities. Come in every pertadingan held, and beat opponents with speed and best ability. 

Free Download Beach Buggy Racing Android

 There are many unique cars here. You can choose according to your taste. Each car has different capabilities. Cars can you increase its ability and you can change the color. You can buy and increase your car with the money haisl race. Not only are a lot of cars, but also a lot of character, there are women, men and the elderly. There are 12 different tracks and challenging. Forests, mountains, beaches and other extrime temapt would you guys go through. Be careful while driving. What can happen to you. 

 Beach Buggy Racing possess excellent graphics that will not make you disappointed play this racing game. If you have ever played a racing game android Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, almost like that. This online game that requires an internet connection to play smooth. 

Free Download Beach Buggy Racing

 Android Minimum: Android 4.0.3 or higher. 

 How to Install: 
1. Download Beach Buggy Racing Apk + Data 
2. Install Apk file 
3. Extract data to SdCard0(internal)/android/obb/.... 
4. Play 


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Free Download Framaroot | Root Android Easly and Quickly

Free Download Framaroot | Root Android Easly and Quickly
Free Download Framaroot | Root Android Easly and Quickly - The android users would want a cell phone can be anything and inserted in any application such as application switcher application, free internet and others. Not all applications can be directly used in an android phone, there are some applications that need root. The way root for any hp depending calm, there are through recovery mode, through computers, and applications. Applications for android root is diverse, one of which is Framaroot. Various kinds of root android phone you can use these applications.

 Framaroot is an application for root android. With the application root android phone you can easily and quickly. Display this application is very simple and not complicated to use. In contrast to root through recovery mode or computer, just with one click root the phone is automatic. Easy is not it? Various types of android phone you can root, but not all. There is a miraculous series android phone that you can not root use Framaroot, but you do not have to worry if you fail to root the phone using this application, because if it fails no effect on your favorite phone. Successfully tidakanya root process is characterized by the application of SuperSu, besides each of you install and open the application first, then SuperSu to ask for permission. You only need to press a button allows.

Free Download Framaroot | Root Android Easly

 Root ways to use Framaroot very easy and simple:
1. Download Framaroot
2. Install
3. Open the application Framaroot
4. Top box select install SuperSu
5. Click Gandalf
6. Come out of the app and reboot your phone.
7. Check, if there SuperSu with yellow triangle icon and fences, phone means you succeed root 


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Free Download Counter Strike 1.6 Android Apk

Free Download Counter Strike 1.6 Android Apk
 Free Download Counter Strike 1.6 Android Apk - Not a bit of quality PC games and have a good name was also released for android. Those games certainly welcomed by the users, such as GTA Vice City, Call of Duty, Need for Speed ​​and many more. One of the most famous games on the PC, that is Counter Strike 1.6. Game CS is present in android with the title Counter Strike 1.6. Of course you are already familiar with the game.

 Counter Strike 1.6 is a quality FPS game with great graphics and an interesting storyline. This game tells the story of a terrorist and anti-terrorist team. Certainly a very exciting concept promoted by this game because it is different from other FPS games. There are many utilities for you such as rifles, pistols, bombs and others. You can play this game with your friends using the LAN network.

Free Download Counter Strike 1.6 Android

 Counter Strike 1.6 has easy control. To control the character, you just need to move the navigation buttons on the screen to the right, while to shoot you just need to tap on the screen. Keep you always on target shot meusuh let die quickly. There is a map that helps you in down the location so as not to be confused and lost.

Free Download Counter Strike 1.6

 Android minimum: Android 2.0 or higher. 


Friday, 12 September 2014

Free Download Real Racing 3 v4.1.6 Android Apk + Data

Free Download Real Racing 3 Android Apk + Data
 Free Download Real Racing 3 Android Apk + Data - Themed mobile game racing is very popular in smartphones. But success or failure depends on the racing game graphics and story of the stretcher. Usually that is preferred by lovers of the game is racing wildly as Need for Speed​​, Table Top Racing, Asphalt and others. But racing game that does not mean there are no good official arena, there is a cool racing game official, the Real Racing 3 Play the game from EA's like a real race with favorite car. Stunning graphics make this game well in each series. 

 Real Racing 3 is a cool 3D racing game. Racing is made with detail and well made ​​as closely as possible to the actual race. Rows of cars that were presented and taken a lot of the cars that exist in the real world, such as Nissan, Audi, BMW and many more. The car is very similar to the original. The system in this game as well as in the real world, the car needs repairs that can go well in the arena. Improvements here requires a short time. 

 Games released in 2013 this car has a lot of cool that you can play. Surely you will not be disappointed with these cars. You can upgrade your car to make it better and fastest in the arena. As good as any car, it all depends on your proficiency in riding. Hone your racing ability in this game. 

 There are 900 exciting games that will not make you bored. With so many games it is expected of you did not turn into another game. In addition to the many games that reach hundreds, Real Racing 3 also presents many challenging arena. Not complete it if not conquered all the arenas in this game. 

 This is the best racing game that can be downloaded without cost. In contrast to Real Racing 2 & 3 which requires a fee to be able to enjoy it. But here there are expected IAP features to help you and also provide a profit for the Real Racing 3 Like the other games that use IAP, you can buy them via credit card. 

 Android minimum: Android 4.0 or higher. 

 How to install: 
1. Download Real Racing 3 apk + data 
2. Install apk file 
3. Extract the data to Sdcard0 (internal) / android / obb / ... 
4. Play 
Free Download Real Racing 3 Android

Free Download Real Racing 3


Download Data Tegra | PVR | Adreno | Mali

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Free Download SMS Bomb for Android

Free Download SMS Bomb for Android
 Free Download SMS Bomb for Android - Now times have advanced so many applications that have sprung up in android. There is a mandatory application, additional applications, and there are also applications for fun. There are also applications that are also helpful to us but harm others, namely SMS Bomb. This application can be fatal for the victim as much at once can send sms to number the destination within the stipulated time. The concept is the same as the application SMS Bomber that has been popular first.

 SMS Bomb is an application that can be used to send a lot of sms to one number in a specified period of time. The number of SMS can be set, as well as the interval between between the SMS one another. This application is useful for you who want to bully your friends. Such applications typically used for those who have been deceived when buying goods online from someone. Their usual attacking manner with sms cheater bombard number as much as possible.

 Do not misused SMS Bomb because if the destination number using only low hp series that can only accommodate a few SMS then that could make HP the victim error. To use this SMS Bomb application  wisely.


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Download Steel Mayhem: Battle Commander Android Game Free

Download Steel Mayhem: Battle Commander Android Game Free
 Download Steel Mayhem: Battle Commander Android Game - Steel Mayhem: Battle Commander is an action game that you can play on android. Exciting and fierce battle with thousands of heavy vehicles here. Packed well so this game looks alive and not boring. A wide variety of weapons has been prepared for you as well as the enemies that you face, they have sophisticated weapons like missiles, lasers and others. Not as easy as one might imagine, all missions possess its own difficulties. The more you level up, the more severe missions and enemies encountered. 

 In Steel Mayhem: Battle Commander In, you play as a Sheriff of Galactic Security. Maintain security and civilians is your duty. Destroy the bandits who want to torment people. Create order by destroying bandits planet. You will find a wide range of bandits carrying sophisticated weapons which could endanger capable to kill you. There are various kinds of robots that you can select. Sophisticated weaponry prepared to help complete the mission. Choose the right weapons away, because here many weapons can you select. There are 60 missions that you have to finish. 

Download Steel Mayhem: Battle Commander Android Game

Download Steel Mayhem: Battle Commander

 How to run the game is very simple. Navigation keys to control the character on the left while the button on the right to shoot there. Stretgis place so that you do not trouble in moving the character. I think Steel Mayhem: Battle Commander game very interesting to play in android. Try it! 


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Free Download Metal Slug Defense Android

Free Download Metal Slug Defense Android
 Free Download Metal Slug Defense Android -  Games defenseare usually synonymous with tower defense to repel the enemy coming. But what if the drive is not weapon? Have you ever imagine? Metal Slug Defense answer it all by presenting a new defense games and different from onther games. This series is different from the other Metal Slug series. Of course you curious about this game!

 Metal Slug Defense is strategy defense game . Here used to survive ie the force with different capabilities. Your mission is to guard againts the base you destroy by the enemy. The way you maintain it by making defenders. To make the necessary forces AP. Ap for each character is different., there are 40, 75 and aohetrs. The AP you get willautomatically go on and to be located in the lower left. You can make the troops when the AP has reached the target force. Example: AP reached 50, then you can make a soldier because the soulder only needa 40 AP.

Free Download Metal Slug Defense

 In Metal Slug Defense there are many areas with 5 stages for each area.  The era is very interesting, different area also different enemies encountered. Sa faced enemy variety, there are mummies, soldiers, giant prawns, zombies and more. Force you also diverse, there are bombs, rockets, lasers and more. But it is a special power takes time to recharge. When ready, the character will be colored blue.

 If you don't want to play in area, you can try the mission that has been provided. In this mission,  you play character that will be different than in the area, here isi great. There are many mission and you must complete one by one. Ifthe mission is not succesfull, then you will not be able to procced to the next mission. In addition, you can buy equipment war such as bombs, or buy new forces such as zombies, jet, tank and others. To buy new forces or new weapons require Medal. Medal is exactly what used to purchase in the Shop menu. This medal is not easy to get it so you have to use a possible. But if you want to buy the medal, you can click on the medal menu. Don't forget to increase the force because it is vey important. Not only forces are enhaced, others you must also increase.

Download Metal Slug Defense

 Name Character and Ability:
  • Soldier: This character has the ability to throw bombs that can be relied upon.
  • 1000000taro: This character has agreat martial arts ability to force the special issue in the power stance.
  • Sanbag: This character was ale to make defense for cover and slow down opponents.
  • Tarma: A reliable shooter to shoot the special traffic over high heat.
  • Marco: Sama as Tarma but his special ability is shotgun.
  • Eri: Gum lovers who can shoot lasers
  • Fio: Liki a sneeze but capable of firing rockets.

Over all this game is very exciting. Though only 2D, this game still have cool graphics to keep relying on typical Metal Slug. Metal Slug Defense can you download for free.