Friday, 29 August 2014

Download SmartStay Ex | Advanced Applications for All Android

Download SmartStay Ex | Advanced Applications for All Android
 Download SmartStay Ex | Advanced Applications for All Android - The development of applications for android phones is growing. The development is seen very quickly because android is a potential market for developers. Many advanced applications that have been created, even lower android version can enjoy the features of high-android version. One of the applications that can be enjoyed is SmartStay Ex. Like what great this app? 

 SmartStay Ex is one android application which has special features like those of higher version of android. Example: Galaxy S3, Note II, and others. This application can detect the views of the owners of smartphones. When owners see the screen then the phone will turn on and the screen display when the owners are not looking at the screen, the display will be turned off. Basically, advanced applications using the front camera as its main weapon in carrying out its work. The front camera is used to scan the face, so need face recognition before the application is active. 

Download SmartStay Ex | Advanced Applications

How to enable SmartStay Ex:

1. Download Smartstay Ex 
2. Insatll and open application 
3. Turn on the application 
4. Reboot your android. Select 'Star at boot'. The application will scan the face 2x before activating or turning off the screen. 
5. If android phones using Android 4.0 or higher, you can choose 'Continuous Scan'. This mode will make the Smart Stay perform scanning of your face constantly. 


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