Friday, 8 August 2014

Download Racing Tank 2 Android Game

Download Racing Tank 2 Android Game
 Download Racing Tank 2 Android Game - Racing Tank is a racing game that is different from the others. If the tanks are usually used for fighting, this game tanks used in the race. Certainly not unthinkable war vehicles used for other things. Currently there is the latest series of the game, namely Racing Tanks 2. The second series is a sequel of Racing Tanks 1 with better quality and new features. 

 Because these tank would be no shooting. You can shoot your opponent is in front of you with your arms. There is no binding rules, you have to do is be the winner of each race. Whatever you may be doing. Be careful because the enemy can shoot at any time which can lead to blocked your path to victory. 

Download Racing Tank 2 Android

Various kinds of tanks with different shapes and capabilities have been prepared. There are more than 25 different tanks, the amount of which many can make you confused in choosing. Not only that, there are 23 achiements which you must finish and 6 variations of tracks which of course is very challenging to conquer. 

 Racing Tank 2 is a very exciting play in android phone or tab. Stunning 3D graphics and tracks that are difficult to be an exciting challenge. And more interesting is the Multiplayer feature. With these features you can race with your friends with Bluetooth as a means to connect. 

Download Racing Tank 2

Android minimum: Android 4.0.4 or higher. 


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