Sunday, 17 August 2014

Download Gunship Battle Game for Android

Download Gunship Battle Game for Android
 Download Gunship Battle Game for Android - Feel the fun and amazing battle. Graphics are very good and a wide variety of missions that are not easy to be conquered in this one game android. Gunship Battle is a fighting game that possess excellent quality. Control your helicopter and destroy all enemies. Enemies that you face is not as easy as you think, they can rocket you chase helicopter and destroy it into pieces. Destroy the enemies and complete the mission or you will be destroyed. 

 There is a ranking feature in this fighting game. Ranking in the form of stars, so the collection of as much as possible. This feature is connected with our other players. You can see the number of stars that have been collected by the first champion. Star you can be by way of completing the mission and take on the enemies you've destroyed, but not all possess the star. If you fail to accomplish the mission of collection then you will be reduced. 

 There are many collections of helicopters that you can use. But at the beginning of the game you can only use 1 helicopter only. To be able to use a helicopter to another, you have to buy it with money or coins that you get from completing the mission. Each mission has a different gift. The more you destroy enemies such as tanks, helicopters or the other then the money will you get more and more. 

 Gunship Battle is very exciting played on android. Stunning 3D makes me feel at home playing this game. Blast effects and feels like real gunshots. 

Android minimum: Android 4.0.4 or higher.


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