Monday, 11 August 2014

Collection of Superhero Game for Android Fun

 Collection of Superhero Game for Android Fun - Playing games in your spare time is extremely enjoyable. A game you can play without disturbing anyone. In today's world a lot of outstanding games with various genres. There are racing games, adventure, puzzle, and other superheroes. And on this occasion I have summarized the superhero-themed game for android phones are fun and interesting. If you are used to seeing the movie will surely familiar superhero characters which I will share.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 

 Would be familiar with this character. Hero who has the strength of a spider who likes to help people from criminals such as robbers and others. Game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released for android not after the movie was released, so the game is concerned with the film. With very nice graphics and an interesting story, this game deserves to be played or used as the main game.

Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

2. Batman 

 After the heroes who possess the power of the spider is now no more heroes who possess strength, such as bats, that is Batman. These characters move at night to catch criminals. There are 2 game series of Batman games for android, that Batman: Arkham City and Batman Arkham Lockdown Origins. Both games will have an exciting story and good graphics. Both games will have different stories and different enemies.

Download Batman Arkham Origins and Download Batman: Arkham City Lockdown.

3. Transformer : Age of Extinction

 Game hero of this one is different from other games because the hero is not a character but a man who played the robot. This game including game run. Karkter selected robot must run while shooting enemies. A wide variety of robot characters you can choose. Fun of this game, the opponent can attack you and you have to avoid all the obstacles. Destroy the enemy or you will be destroyed.

 Download Transformers: Age of Extinction.

4. Iron Man 3

 Still dealing with a robot but a little different from that in the Transformer robots because there are human beings, so it is not a full engine like Transformer. For those who like the Ironman, you should try this game because the graphics are not going to make you disappointed. In addition, these games possess exciting storyline. You can fly and destroy the enemy with your power.

Download Ironman 3

5. RoboCop 

 Perhaps many do not know about the Robocop ready. Robocop movie is an old movie, this film tells the story of a police robot. This robot enforce keadlian with his gun. Police initidak robot can be defeated with regular shots because memakain armor. after so long not heard the news now presented in the form of android games. In this game you will firefight with the enemy. you can upgrade your weapons and robot characters in order to become stronger.

Download Robocop.

6. Injustice: Gods Among Us

 Various superhero characters here like Flash, Batman, Robin and others. You can choose a character that you like. There are many characters here and the strength of various kinds. Maybe you will be confused, because all the great and powerful. This game is to fill your spare time.

Download Injustice: Gods Among Us.

7. Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X

 The game is themed with the fight. There are some characters that you can play like Sasuke, Kakashi and others. Remove the moment Ninja and defeat the enemy with your strength. Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X has some pretty good graphics for a class of android. For the inlet with Naruto, you should try this game.

Download Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X

8. Dragon Ball Tap Battle 

 Just like the game Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X, the game is themed on the fight. But the graphics of this game is better than Naruto games and how to play it differently as well. To attack an enemy you just need to tap into the direction of the opponent. There are some characters that you can choose such as Go My son, Gohan and the others. Each character can spend a great moment.

Download Dragon Ball Tap Battle
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