Sunday, 31 August 2014

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Android Apk + Data

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Android Apk + Data
 Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City - GTA is a game open world famous and well liked. Several series have been relesad with a variety of interesting strories. At fisrt the game is not released for mobile, but saw rapid development in mobile, finally GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City was released for android. For lovers GTA would be happy play it on android. Stuning graphic and easy control presented by the developer.

 Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a game that was released several years ago. This game take place in 1980. Swamp and city can you browse. The town is full of delight have waited for you. Various kinds of excitiment awaits you.

Game from Rockstars Games is presented in amobile in order to celebrate the birthday of the 10th. This is give for the lovers of Grand Theft Auto. High graphic presented into Vice City series. Looks stunning enviromental detail. Effect shown is also very cool. Visualising sound too good. Easy control is on radar so you guys are not hard to operate it.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is essentially the same as the others in this series. Story 1980 which raised here will provide a different experience and different excitiment. If GTA usually can be cheat, but this particular mobile, a don't know. How? Do tou want to feel the thrill of playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

Android minimum: Android 2.3 or higher.

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Android

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City

How to install:
1. Download file Apk + Data
2. Isntall Apk file
3. Extract data to Sdcard0(internal)/android/obb/...
4. Open the game and play


Friday, 29 August 2014

Download SmartStay Ex | Advanced Applications for All Android

Download SmartStay Ex | Advanced Applications for All Android
 Download SmartStay Ex | Advanced Applications for All Android - The development of applications for android phones is growing. The development is seen very quickly because android is a potential market for developers. Many advanced applications that have been created, even lower android version can enjoy the features of high-android version. One of the applications that can be enjoyed is SmartStay Ex. Like what great this app? 

 SmartStay Ex is one android application which has special features like those of higher version of android. Example: Galaxy S3, Note II, and others. This application can detect the views of the owners of smartphones. When owners see the screen then the phone will turn on and the screen display when the owners are not looking at the screen, the display will be turned off. Basically, advanced applications using the front camera as its main weapon in carrying out its work. The front camera is used to scan the face, so need face recognition before the application is active. 

Download SmartStay Ex | Advanced Applications

How to enable SmartStay Ex:

1. Download Smartstay Ex 
2. Insatll and open application 
3. Turn on the application 
4. Reboot your android. Select 'Star at boot'. The application will scan the face 2x before activating or turning off the screen. 
5. If android phones using Android 4.0 or higher, you can choose 'Continuous Scan'. This mode will make the Smart Stay perform scanning of your face constantly. 


Download Spider-Man: Ultimate Power for Android Free

Download Spider-Man: Ultimate Power for Android Free
 Download Spider-Man: Ultimate Power for Android Free - Spider-Man is a superhero from New York famous. This figure favored by many people around the world. Unique power to make everyone have such power. For those of you who also want to have spider powers better not dream of it, the better you play the game Spider-Man: Ultimate Power.

 This game can treat you that wants to be a super hero. This game is a 2D game that you can play on android. You play as Spider-Man to eradicate crime is going on in the city of New York. Use the spider webs to swing and can also be used for weapons. Defeat every villain dengann strength and get bonuses along the way. Faced the enemy is not as easy as you think. There are 3 main villain that you must defeat. Buy new costume more interesting and better.

 Spider-Man: The Ultimate Power game has a graph that is not as well as easy control. Difficulty moving your character will not be found here. Just the excitement and pleasure that you get. Discover the exciting adventure that you do not find only in this game.

Download Spider-Man: Ultimate PowerDownload Spider-Man: Ultimate Power for Android

Android minimum: Android 2.3 or higher. 


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Download UC Browser for Android | Lightweight and Reliable

Download UC Browser for Android | Lightweight and Reliable
 Download UC Browser for Android | Lightweight and Reliable - To find information on the internet you need software called a browser support. With this software you can explore the world of the Internet as they pleased you. Share of browsers have been created with different abilities. For users nadroid, there is one that is lightweight and browser applications can rely on, namely UC Browser. 

 Surely you already know about this application, or even install it! UC Browser is an application that allows you to explore the virtual world such as facebook, blogs, and others. This application is lightweight so convenient to use. Updates are always carried out to the satisfaction of its users. UC Browser has some interesting features such as ad blocking, attractive appearance of the text and so forth. 

Download UC Browser for Android

 The browser application is available for all platforms, so the android users can enjoy it. In addition, UC browser is also available for free so you do not need to spend money to be able to enjoy it. Present in 150 countries around the world with 11 languages ​​berebeda. For those who are not familiar with foreign languages ​​you can use the English language. 


Download Modern Combat 5: The Blackout Android Apk + Data

Download Modern Combat 5: The Blackout Android Apk + Data
 Download Modern Combat 5: The Blackout Android Apk + Data - Continuing the success of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, now gameloft new series presenting a more exciting and thrilling, the Modern Combat 5: The Blackout. With the support of amazing graphics and a more exciting story, will make you not want to get out of this game. Everything here is amazing and very cool. The controls are simple but the game is not as easy as you imagine. 

 Modern Combat 5: The blackout is a online game from Gameloft-themed FPS. Just like the previous series, you play as tough soldiers assigned to the battlefield. Increase your firing his capability and make the squadron. Prove your skills in individual and team actions. There multiplyaer features so that you can play with your friends and millions of other users. 

Download Modern Combat 5: The Blackout Android Apk

 Choose a class that suits your skills to the level you go up and of course the stronger. There are 4 classes provided, the Invaders, Heavyweight, scouts and sniper. Each class has a special skill. Use skill points to activate it. Use theses skill in time of emergency, do any of you use a skill. 

 Multiplayer feature that allows you to interact with your friends. Can communicate in the global chat or squadron. Exciting and epic battle in the squadron vs. squadron. Defeat another squadron with the best ability which owned your team. Teamwork is needed in the battle. There are features invidu rank or squadron. The rating is proving the benefits of individual and squadron. 

Download Modern Combat 5: The Blackout Android

 Android minimum: Android 4.2.2 or higher. 

 How to install: 
1 Download Modern Combat 5: The Blackout Apk + Data 
2 Install apk file (Do not open before) 
3 Extract the data to sdard0 (internal) / android / obb / .... 
4 Play 


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Download Left 4 Dead 2 for Android Apk

Download Left 4 Dead 2 for Android Apk
 Download Left 4 Dead 2 for Android Apk - Zombies are everywhere. The whole city was filled with even swamps bloodthirsty zombies. Zombie bite is very dangerous because it can make anyone who is bitten be like them. It stems from a virus that is able to transform people into zombies and this happened in the United States. Infectious virus until the end everyone turns into a zombie, but there are 4 people who do not become zombies. They should get out of the place. 

 This game tells the story of the struggle of four people out of the area filled with zombies. Only a hero who can help them safety but it requires a long and terrible journey through New Orleans the block, swamps and other spooky places. Kill zombies with weapons that confront you got. Shoot right in the head or the brain because it is their weakness. When no weapons, use any object that is able to protect itself. 

Download Left 4 Dead 2 for Android

 Left 4 Dead 2 is available for various platforms one android. In android this game has good graphics and easy controls. Details are very good environment and the effect is also amazing. The new experience will you find when playing this game. 

Minimum Android: Android 2.3.3 or higher. 


Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed Android Apk + Data

Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed Android Apk + Data
 Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed Android Apk + Data - Choose a character that you think the most powerful. Go into battle against the sharing of monsters. Use all of the abilities and skills you have. Great weapons are in the hands of you, use it to exterminate all the enemies that block. Not the usual weapons, but the weapons have tremendous power. Defeat an enemy with the greatest strength and weapons with the highest level. 

 Kritika: Chaos Unleashed is  action RPG game. In this game you have to choose one character to be gone to war. There are 7 character great that you can choose. But at the beginning of the game there are only 2 characters that can be selected. Each character has a different appearance and weapons. Because of the strength of different weapons issued also different. Increase the ability and strength to the arms because the enemy is getting stronger and harder to beat only with the usual strength. 

Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed Android Apk

 Kritika: Chaos Unleashed has great graphics and simple controls. Button action to remove the ability is on the right, while to navigate simply by rubbing the screen. Develop a character from the lowest level to the highest level. Fight with other players so that you do not get bored and can find out how much your ability. 

Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed Android

Android minimum: Android 4.2.2 or higher. 

How to install: 
1 Install apk file (not to be opened first) 
2 Extrack the data to sdCard0 (internal) / android / obb ... 
3 Play 


Friday, 22 August 2014

Download Guardian: Last Fight for Android

Download Guardian: Last Fight for Android
 Download Guardian Last Fight for Android - Guardian: Last fight is an exciting adventure game and has good graphics. Will not be disappointed if you play this game. Different forces and enemy presented here. The enemies great and unique you will confront. Use special power only when needed just due to the re-use of force takes time. 

 This game is very cool because the story is exciting and long so you will not get bored easily. Here you will play the monkey king who has extraordinary powers such as dropping some giant sticks, balls of fire and whatnot. Kekauatan can be done several times but still need the time to recharge again to be used. Arena fight is very unique and a lot. Arena between each other are connected. 

Download Guardian: Last Fight

Guardian: Last Fight

 Android minimum: android 2.2 or higher.

<< Download>>

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Download SMS Locker | SMS Application Protector

Download SMS Locker | SMS Application Protector

  Download SMS Locker | SMS Application Protector - Protect your messages with SMS Locker. One of the applications that can be relied upon to lock your android. By keeping the message means that you have been keeping a personal secret and protect themselves from the ignorant. In contrast to the other lock apps, this app is easy to understand and lightweight so as not to overload the RAM.

Download SMS Locker

 This application is very useful and is one of the mandatory application for android. Remember not to forget your password. This application is only for the SMS and can not lock to lock other applications. If you want to lock apps like gallery, music and more, you can download Hi App Lock.


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Download Gunship Battle Game for Android

Download Gunship Battle Game for Android
 Download Gunship Battle Game for Android - Feel the fun and amazing battle. Graphics are very good and a wide variety of missions that are not easy to be conquered in this one game android. Gunship Battle is a fighting game that possess excellent quality. Control your helicopter and destroy all enemies. Enemies that you face is not as easy as you think, they can rocket you chase helicopter and destroy it into pieces. Destroy the enemies and complete the mission or you will be destroyed. 

 There is a ranking feature in this fighting game. Ranking in the form of stars, so the collection of as much as possible. This feature is connected with our other players. You can see the number of stars that have been collected by the first champion. Star you can be by way of completing the mission and take on the enemies you've destroyed, but not all possess the star. If you fail to accomplish the mission of collection then you will be reduced. 

 There are many collections of helicopters that you can use. But at the beginning of the game you can only use 1 helicopter only. To be able to use a helicopter to another, you have to buy it with money or coins that you get from completing the mission. Each mission has a different gift. The more you destroy enemies such as tanks, helicopters or the other then the money will you get more and more. 

 Gunship Battle is very exciting played on android. Stunning 3D makes me feel at home playing this game. Blast effects and feels like real gunshots. 

Android minimum: Android 4.0.4 or higher.


Monday, 11 August 2014

Collection of Superhero Game for Android Fun

 Collection of Superhero Game for Android Fun - Playing games in your spare time is extremely enjoyable. A game you can play without disturbing anyone. In today's world a lot of outstanding games with various genres. There are racing games, adventure, puzzle, and other superheroes. And on this occasion I have summarized the superhero-themed game for android phones are fun and interesting. If you are used to seeing the movie will surely familiar superhero characters which I will share.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 

 Would be familiar with this character. Hero who has the strength of a spider who likes to help people from criminals such as robbers and others. Game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released for android not after the movie was released, so the game is concerned with the film. With very nice graphics and an interesting story, this game deserves to be played or used as the main game.

Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

2. Batman 

 After the heroes who possess the power of the spider is now no more heroes who possess strength, such as bats, that is Batman. These characters move at night to catch criminals. There are 2 game series of Batman games for android, that Batman: Arkham City and Batman Arkham Lockdown Origins. Both games will have an exciting story and good graphics. Both games will have different stories and different enemies.

Download Batman Arkham Origins and Download Batman: Arkham City Lockdown.

3. Transformer : Age of Extinction

 Game hero of this one is different from other games because the hero is not a character but a man who played the robot. This game including game run. Karkter selected robot must run while shooting enemies. A wide variety of robot characters you can choose. Fun of this game, the opponent can attack you and you have to avoid all the obstacles. Destroy the enemy or you will be destroyed.

 Download Transformers: Age of Extinction.

4. Iron Man 3

 Still dealing with a robot but a little different from that in the Transformer robots because there are human beings, so it is not a full engine like Transformer. For those who like the Ironman, you should try this game because the graphics are not going to make you disappointed. In addition, these games possess exciting storyline. You can fly and destroy the enemy with your power.

Download Ironman 3

5. RoboCop 

 Perhaps many do not know about the Robocop ready. Robocop movie is an old movie, this film tells the story of a police robot. This robot enforce keadlian with his gun. Police initidak robot can be defeated with regular shots because memakain armor. after so long not heard the news now presented in the form of android games. In this game you will firefight with the enemy. you can upgrade your weapons and robot characters in order to become stronger.

Download Robocop.

6. Injustice: Gods Among Us

 Various superhero characters here like Flash, Batman, Robin and others. You can choose a character that you like. There are many characters here and the strength of various kinds. Maybe you will be confused, because all the great and powerful. This game is to fill your spare time.

Download Injustice: Gods Among Us.

7. Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X

 The game is themed with the fight. There are some characters that you can play like Sasuke, Kakashi and others. Remove the moment Ninja and defeat the enemy with your strength. Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X has some pretty good graphics for a class of android. For the inlet with Naruto, you should try this game.

Download Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X

8. Dragon Ball Tap Battle 

 Just like the game Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X, the game is themed on the fight. But the graphics of this game is better than Naruto games and how to play it differently as well. To attack an enemy you just need to tap into the direction of the opponent. There are some characters that you can choose such as Go My son, Gohan and the others. Each character can spend a great moment.

Download Dragon Ball Tap Battle

Friday, 8 August 2014

Download Racing Tank 2 Android Game

Download Racing Tank 2 Android Game
 Download Racing Tank 2 Android Game - Racing Tank is a racing game that is different from the others. If the tanks are usually used for fighting, this game tanks used in the race. Certainly not unthinkable war vehicles used for other things. Currently there is the latest series of the game, namely Racing Tanks 2. The second series is a sequel of Racing Tanks 1 with better quality and new features. 

 Because these tank would be no shooting. You can shoot your opponent is in front of you with your arms. There is no binding rules, you have to do is be the winner of each race. Whatever you may be doing. Be careful because the enemy can shoot at any time which can lead to blocked your path to victory. 

Download Racing Tank 2 Android

Various kinds of tanks with different shapes and capabilities have been prepared. There are more than 25 different tanks, the amount of which many can make you confused in choosing. Not only that, there are 23 achiements which you must finish and 6 variations of tracks which of course is very challenging to conquer. 

 Racing Tank 2 is a very exciting play in android phone or tab. Stunning 3D graphics and tracks that are difficult to be an exciting challenge. And more interesting is the Multiplayer feature. With these features you can race with your friends with Bluetooth as a means to connect. 

Download Racing Tank 2

Android minimum: Android 4.0.4 or higher. 


Thursday, 7 August 2014

How To Get To Free Mojo Little Empire Games

 How To Get To Free Mojo Little Empire Games was arguably difficult and impossible, but for gamers it is easy. Online gamers already know a lot, if we can not do cheat, let alone hack the online game, let alone to get MOJO, the game LittleEmpire. Therefore, we must be good in finding something that can give us the ease in getting MOJO, It is useful to be able to play games LittleEmpire Android with ease, so you can be included in the list of gods, of the game. I probably will share tips and tricks on how to get MOJO, and can be obtained free of charge from the gaming LittleEmpire. Before we do the tips, I will explain what it is MOJO. What is meant by MOJO is the most valuable element in this LittleEmpire game, it's because MOJO is a tool or key ingredient, to buy weapons, spells, gem, and other combat equipment, you can buy the best equipment of this game, the players of this game often LAST WEAPON call. But not all the equipment here can you buy with MOJO. You can not buy equipment NFS, aka Not For Sale, because it is not sold, and may only be obtained in adventure mode or if you are lucky, you can get through the arena, or play the lottery. To be sure you must collect to be able to use NFS fraghment. 

How To Get To Free Mojo Little Empire Games

 Immediately, let's see, how to get MOJO tips, but keep in mind, this method can only be done by players who have not signed up, or start to play from level 1 because that is already registered, the player is no longer able to do this, because how this is done at the beginning of the game. before you play this game too much, and without you getting a free Prize Pack From Heaven, let's do it this way. From these images, the contents of Prize Pack is: 30 MOJO, 5 INGOT IRON and BRASS INGOT 1. That's a little example of the contents of the gift box. The first should be done to get them, when you reach level 5, or less, you will be prompted to sign up, you fill in all the fields there, the first E-Mail, you must fill in the e-mail is still active and still in use, as it relates with your login. then Password, Fill you with an easy to remember password that is not easily forgotten. Ussername content, It will be your display name in the game LittleEmpire, or may be said to be the owner of this game, skaligus can be used as the username to log-in, in addition to log-in using email. and the last is the most IMPORTANT, not to be missed, so you can get Gift Pack gartis, the Invitation Code. Here is a selection, but that you can get a Free GiftPack, then do not forget to fill the column with the code. I have a code that can be reused, to fill in the Invitation Code. This code TOPZVH Enter the code into the column invitation code. 

How To Get To FreeMojo Little Empire

Free Mojo Little Empire

 After all the fields filled in, type in the list. and you will soon get an invitation code GiftPack, such as Gold and Crystal. GiftPAck will continue to receive until you reach the highest level. GiftPack LittleEmpire will be given when you register, At level 5 (for the latest version, it is rare to get a reward at level 5, especially in the server arcades, rarely get giftpack on this server), and any multiple of 5, you will still get this giftpack . You must be wondering what is in each of these Giftpack, be sure Pictured above is true. it's all too influential on your luck, but it could not hurt to try. And Gifpack will be very helpful in case you play in Little Empire, to be able to help you become the strongest of this game. So that was a little article about Tips to Get Mojo From Game LittleEmpire. Hope it helps you in playing this game. Congratulations play.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Download Game of War: Fire Age Android Apk

Download Game of War: Fire Age Android Apk
 Download Game of War: Fire Age Android Apk - Game of War: Fire Age is empire building simulation game. As with other simulation game, in this game you have to build up the military, and production. Build a large and prosperous kingdom because here you will play a Roman emperor in charge of everything. Building a strong military, abundant resources is the responsibility of you. Be the Roman emperor who has a large and powerful empire. 

 This game is similar to other simulation games like Clash of Clans, Little Empire and others. You have to build a barrack, and the other production houses. Military character in this game quite a lot and have an interesting ability. You can use your military strength to rob another player's resources on the World Map. 

Download Game of War: Fire Age Android

 You will find the excitement that you do not find in other online games. Play this game in your android with your friends and make an alliance. You can talk with other friends through the chat feature. Download Game of War Fire Age and play in your android.