Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Download Summon Masters Android Apk

Download Summon Masters Android Apk
Download Summon Masters Android Apk - Summon Masters is a RPG game released by BiCORE In March 2014. This android games including RPG games online and use the same system as Clash of Clans. This game has features such as PVP ( Player VS Player ), BOSS Battle, Exploration. And more interesting is available in more than 100 Hero/Weapon and there are 12 Class by Skill/Ability different.

This new game has pretty good graphics. Images look more detailed and movement class for android. Many Hero is presented in this game. every hero has different abilities. Summon Masters in this game, you can also increase the weapon used in order Leih strong. Not only weapons, but the hero of evolution so that you can you become stronger and more resilient.

Download Summon Masters Android

In this game you fight not only with 1 hero alone but miraculous hero. You must set your formation so that the hero can attack to the maximum. So, strategy formation is also needed in this game. Example: To put your archers in the rear position while using a weapon such as a sword you put in front. Formation in the Summon Masters is also very important.

Summon Master has a lot of menus, such as explore, battle, and the other Troops. And more interestingly, there is a facebook connect feature and alliances. You can make an alliance and join your friends. Intrigued with this game ? See the video below, and download Summon Masters for your android.

Android minimum: Android 2.2 and higher. v1.03


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