Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Download Racing Tank for Android Apk

Download Racing Tank for Android Apk
Download Racing Tank for Android Apk - Tank synonymous with war and shot. These vehicles are ordinary to war and destroy the fortifications. But in one game android, tanks are not used for war, but race. Is unimaginable for you if tanks racing? Of fun and interesting is not it? This game called Racing Tank.

 Racing Tanks android game is one that takes the theme of the race with the tank as the vehicle. This racing game is different from other racing games because it does not exist in the real world championship racing tanks. This game is quite exciting because in this game you can shoot an opponent with a weapon that you have in games like Table Top Racing.

Download Racing TankDownload Racing Tank for Android

In this game there are many tanks so that you can choose according to taste tanks. Each tank has a different ability. In addition, the race track too much. For graphics, this game is not as good as Need for Speed ​​7 Heat or FRS Ski Cross. Although not as good as it was, the game is still fun to play in android. How to play it is also not difficult. To control the tank to turn severe or do not shoot.
Android Minimum: Android Android 4.0.4 and higher. ARMv7. v1.3

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