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Download Epoch 2 Android Apk + Data

Download Epoch 2 Android Apk + Data
Download Epoch 2 Android Apk + Data - Epoch 2 is a battle between robots. In this game you will play as a robot programmed to protect the Princess Amelia. In this game, you will run automatically in going forward with a linear path, stopping at certain places and facing against enemies. Epoch 2 presents a short play sessions, and often covered with a boss battle.

For each level in this game, you will be given tips on the type of weapon that is good for that level. And almost in every level you have to buy new weapons are different. In addition to the main weapon, you can also use the abilities that have a cooldown time, the missile from its back, grenades, and a slow-motion mode. Each level in Epoch 2 will have two additional modes are Time Trial, and Iron which are essential fashion with a high degree of difficulty.

Download Epoch 2 Android Apk

How to play Epoch 2 is quite easy. Tap into the enemy to shoot, swipe to the right or to the left to dodge , and up to dodge more effectively. Swipe down will make you looked for refuge, and the two will recharge your weapons.

Epoch 2 presents a robot that is not cool and beautiful, not like in other android games, but robots that seem like a dull and unused items. Visual Epoch 2 shades accentuate the bleak post-apocalyptic. Although not a perfect game, Epoch 2 is still present action fun and pretty cool. In short, Epoch 2 is a mobile Action Shooter with a simple but solid gameplay.

Download Epoch 2 Android

Minimum android: Android 4.1 and higher. ARMv7 

How to install: 
1. Download Epoch 2 apk + Data
2. Install apk file ( do not open first game )
3. Extract data to SdCard0/android/obb
4. Play


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