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Free Download Dragon Ball Tap Battle for Android Apk

Dragon Ball Tap Battle for Android Apk
Dragon Ball Tap Battle for Android Apk - Dragon Ball is very popular animated film. The fight between the characters is very impressive to be able to survive until now. And now you can enjoy the fight in you android because there is now a Dragon Ball Tap Battle game. The fight exciting and cool will be presented in this game. Great characters in the Dragon Ball movie will be presented in this game.

Dragon Ball Tap Battle is a fighting game inspired by the movie Dragon Ball. Many of the characters in this game are presented as Picolo, Gohan, Son Goku, Freezer and others. Each character has different abilities. The ability of those in the film is shown in this game as Ka me ha me ha and others.

Dragon Ball Tap Battle for Android

How to play Dragon Ball Tap Battle in the android is very easy, you just need to touch the opponent the character you play will immediately attack the right. If you want to be a Super Saiya then you just need to tap your character, but Kalin could be a Super Saiya only after there is a sign in at the top of the screen on your character. ila has been no sign of such electricity then you can be a Super Saiya Elum.
At the beginning of the game you will play the character Son Goku. You will compete with some of the characters one by one. After you beat all nine opponent or to have an open dragon ball then you can choose the character you play.

Dragon Ball Tap Battle

Dragon Ball Tap Battle for android has very good graphics. The color is very bright, fast and slow motion different from Dragon Ball PSP games that use PPSSPP. Shape of the character, and the other face is very harmonious and clear and visible. If you ever played the game Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X for android then this game is much better than that. I think this is the best game graphics when compared to games that are adapted from the anime movie.

Minimum Android : Android 4.2.2 or higher 


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