Friday, 14 March 2014

Download Super Tool Box 10+ for Android

Download Super Tool Box 10+ for Android
Download Super Tool Box 10+ for Android - For the beginner android users may have trouble if you want to send the game to the android app or another. Sending files through the file manager is not sent but only a link. Will definitely upset with the situation, but do not worry now seudah many applications that can to send the application or game is Super Tool Box 10 +.

Super Tool Box 10 + is android application that has many functions. There are so many benefits of these applications such as sending the same practice or games, backups, and others. Some data andriod you can read this application such as batteries, memory and others.

Download Super Tool Box 10+

Features Super Tool Box 10 +: 
 1. Sending an application or game
2. File Manager
3. See the battery level
4. Back Up applications
5. Viewing memory used ( Sdcard0 and Excternal sdcard )
6. Install and Uninstall aplkasi
7. Seeing Ram memory

If you want to send an application or games then you get into the install menu, hold down the app you want to send a notification will appear fatherly sent. Sending aplkasi or games with the Super Box 10 + using Blootueth service. If you want to send the application to know the game using wifi please use ShareIt application.

Super Tool Box 10+

On the File Manager menu you can see all the files in your android. Unfortunately, in the File Manager is not able to extract. If you want to extract the files please use Es File Explorer. Super Tool Box 10 + is a lot of benefits for android phone and I think this one is a must-have mandatory application android. This application can also be used all the android.


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