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Download ShareIt : Sending a File With Wi-Fi for Android

Download ShareIt : Sending a File With Wi-Fi for Android
Download ShareIt : Sending a File With Wi-Fi for Android - When you hear the word Wi-Fi for sure you already know about what it's Wifi. With Wifi you can explore the virtual world more quickly. In the android phone, wifi is one feature that should be owned by every android phone. Not complete when an android phone does not have wifi because wifi has many functions. In addition to be able to access the internet by following the network available, also can be a transmitter android wifi. And more interestingly, wifi also able to send files. The user can share files over the wifi network quickly. Send files using the wifi speed is faster when compared to blootueth. But sending files using applications that require network Share It.
Share it was sending application files using wifi network. You can send files such as photos, apps, games, data and all of the files that are on android. Speeds of up to 1mbps send the file. Faster than Blootoeth. Various kinds of files can be sent using this application.

Download ShareIt : Sending a File With Wi-Fi

Send files faster.
Can see the speed of delivery.
Can send various kinds.
Make use of the wifi network ( more secure ).
Can send files that are already installed.
Can send the folder that contains files such as game data android.

Download ShareIt : Sending a File

How to use this application is very easy. If you want to send the file use the Share It then between the sender and the receiver must both have the apliaksi. Here is how to use the Share It:

1. to Sender
- Open the application
- Click Send
- Select the file to be sent, it can be one or more
- Click Next on the screen at the top right
- Click on the recipient name or the name that appears on the screen

2. to Receiver
- Open the application
- Click on the Receive
- Wait until the file is sent

Download ShareIt

For files that have been sent will be entered into Qieze folder. The folder can get into the internal, external can depend on the type of phone. Share it with the use of the wifi network, sending files easier and exciting.

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