Monday, 17 March 2014

Download Hi App Lock v3.0: File Locking Sophisticated

Download Hi App Lock: File Locking Sophisticated
Download Hi App Lock: File Locking Sophisticated - Surely you guys are not happy with the people who want to know your privacy. And privacy is most easily recognized by the phone because the phone is a communication tool that is used every day. If there are people who borrow our cell phones so they can find out information via phone or our privacy tips borrowed. They can open a text, gallery or other non- privacy. To avoid such a thing then we need to lock applications or files that we consider privacy. In many android applications that can lock any file for which Hi App Lock.

Hi App Lock is a lock application files are very sophisticated. With this application we can lock files or applications such as SMS, Gallery, BBM, WhatsApp and others. With this application, the privacy of our existing android phone can be maintained safely. For those who will open the file that we then will be asked to enter a password, for it not to forget our passwords.

Download Hi App Lock

How to use Hi App Lock in android is very easy. We just need to open the application and enter a password. After that go to the Main menu Lock, There we can choose what applications we will lock. Many applications can be locked either from pomsel or downloaded. If we want to change the theme of this application we can go to the tools menu. If we want to change the settings we can go to the Settings menu.

Hi App Lock

With a very special function that I think Hi App Lock is a file lock application is very sophisticated in android. Only people who mengtahui password that can unlock a locked application. Keep Hi App Lock password, do not let anyone know that we secure privacy.

Minimum Android: Android 2.1 or higher


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