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Download Cristiano Ronaldo Footy for Android Apk

Download Cristiano Ronaldo Footy for Android Apk
Download Cristiano Ronaldo Footy for Android Apk - Cristiano Ronaldo, surely you are no stranger to hear that name. Here I am not going to explain who Ronaldo, but I will share the game Cristiano Ronaldo. After the team issued Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo for PC games, now they released the game Cristiano Ronaldo Footy for your android.

Cristiano Ronaldo Footy game can not be compared to a football game for android like Fifa 14 or PES, because this game is different despite having the same theme, namely football. What distinguishes this game with other football games is the number of players and rules of the game. In this game players consist of 5 people instead of 11 people. Moreover, in this game there is no regulation ball out. And at the beginning of the game, you can create a name and select a team logo.

Download Cristiano Ronaldo Footy for Android

How to play this game is quite simple. On the left side there is control your android screen D - pad to the left, while there is action button. Action butoon in this game there are only 2, which is passing and shoot that you can use to attack, but the action button will change the function when you survive. Passing and shoot turned into tackles.

There are two modes that you can play here, namely Campaign and Quick Match. In campaign mode you will be presented with 4 levels of difficulty, namely Amateur, Professional, and also Legendary Superstar. The Campaign mode using system -level with 3 star rating. You should get at least 1 star if you want to unlock the next levels in this mode. In total there are 48 levels that you can play.

Download Cristiano Ronaldo Footy

To get 3 stars, you must complete the given mission. Missions in the game Cristiano Ronaldo footy quite diverse and sometimes it is difficult to resolve. Missions that you will find here is like winning by at least 3 goals, had the ball at least 35 %, winning by using the booster, and much more. Winning is not everything in this game, even if you lose but if you 've managed to complete the requested mission, you will still be able to open the next level. For Quick Match mode, you will be up against CR7. In this mode you can set the difficulty level, the stadium where you play, and how long the game will last.

Each finished playing, you will get XP and coins. XP is useful for raising the level of the team. If successfully gained 1 level, you can improve abilities such as the ability to attack, defend, running and passing ability. While useful coins to buy power - ups, special moves and a booster. There is one special move that is interesting here is the CR Super Strike where if you use a typical Cristiano Ronaldo kicks the ball that you will be 100 % kick into the net. In this game there are 4 power - ups, special moves 4 and 5 booster that will help you.

Android Minimum: Android 4.0 or higher.


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