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Free Download Clash of Clans Android Apk 4.0

Clash of Clans Android Apk 4.0
Clash of Clans Android Apk 4.0  - Clash Of Clans is a game that combines, defense, strategy and simulation. This game is developed by Supercell. This game including online games so you can fight against other players with those that you have. Charts offered very good indeed, but it is also a simple way to play with just a tap on the android screen. This android game can make you addicted.

In this game, you not only build a village, but you must build a strong defense for your village. You have to build cannons, control tower, a defensive wall and also recruit troops ( barbarian, archer, goblins and dragons ). The point is, not how crowded village you wake up, but how strong your village to resist the attack of the Clash of Clans other players from around the world.

Clash of Clans Android Apk

How to play it can also be fairly easy. Such as simulation games in general, there is not much control is used, simply tap any control. For example, you want to build an army barrack to train then you just select the picture barrack building that is in the Shop menu. There was also the challenge that you can optionally finish which will give you rewards in the form and also Gem Exp. Challengenya can practically range from upgrading your army barrack, eliminating stone/grass to destroy the enemy village walls.

To build Barrak army, control tower or even upgrade an existing building requires kamlian elixir and also coins. You can get this resource by 2 ways, the first of the buildings that you have created in your village, the second is to take the enemy's elixir coin and both players Clash Of goblins and other Clans.

To play this game early in memamng very easy, because you simply build its own building to find resources such as the elixir and coins. For example, to collect the elixir, you have to build elixir collector, while looking for gold coins you have to build a mine. However, the first method has drawbacks in terms of time. Time used to collect very old and the resulting resource is also not too much. In order to produce a lot in a short time then you need to increase the level of Elixir Collector and Gold Mine. In addition to relying on hasl from your village, you can also seize coins and exilir results from other players or by attacking goblins. This method does not require a long time but require troop casualties.

Social networking features are quite interesting in this game is direct interaction through chat. You can use this feature to talk with other players directly. There are two tabs in the chat feature, the first chat with global players, and the second is the Clan chat tab you ( you must first have a clan ). Because social features networkingnya this excellent, so natural that this game always requires an internet connection to play.

 There are two modes in the game Clash Of The Clans, single and multiplayer. For the former, you can fight the Goblin nation. For example, if you 've recruited some soldiers, and wanted to destroy the goblins. You select the menu Attack contained in the lower left corner, then you are free to choose which one to goblin village you are attacking. The same way you can do if you want to attack other players villages.

Clash of Clans

The difference, if in multiplayer you will be given a random enemy. Unlike when they want against the goblins that allows you to freely choose which one to goblin village kalain attack. But you do not need to worry, though given at random. Enemies you will confront will be commensurate with your current level. The higher the level you are of course the higher the level of the enemy.

Android minimum: Android 4.0 or higher 


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